A car, a song and a dream

So, it appears that living in Colorado makes me more car accident prone. Maybe I should invest in a season bus pass. Here’s what happened. 


Tuesday morning when I left for work, I opened the garage door to find a small dusting of dry snow outside. I didn’t think too much of it, having driven on more snow heavy streets than this many times. Turns out that was kinda a mistake. I should preface this story by telling you that I’m really not a bad driver. Really! In fact, though this is not always the case, I’m sometimes annoying in that I like to go the speed limit when others around me…let’s say…don’t.  Anyhoo.

To make a long story short, I ended up sliding right on into a median while making a right hand turn and damaged my wheel, wheel belt (or is it a rim?), my suspension, and even my steering carriage. At least that’s what the nice man in the Saturn jumpsuit told me. And I believed him. 

Even though this wouldn’t be my choice (because who wants another accident in a state whose roads clearly hate me?) I was really thankful that the Lord:

  • Kept me safe. There wasn’t another car even close to me as I made the turn.
  • Randomly had my roommate Leslie (who also works with me) leave the house at the same time and be behind me and stop to check on me on a day that I left my cell phone at home (of ALL days…)
  • Scared me spitless with my FIRST accident (see my very first ever post on this blog for deets) so that when I bought an auto insurance policy out here, I loaded it with all the extras like accident forgiveness so I don’t have a higher monthly rate AND I only have to pay $200 on my $500 deductible for the repairs which totaled about $1700.
  • Gifting my friends with the spiritual gift of service and great kindness in hauling me around. I sure picked a hard way to get car service.

There’s no doubt that God has me in the palm of his hand, which apparently I need more than the average driver. AND, having handled an insurance claim before I can tell you that it’s much easier the second time around. Especially when your company is Allstate. What can I say? I’m in good hands. 🙂

ALLLLLL of that to say, I missed American Idol on Tuesday night. Really not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but for American Idol recap purposes it leaves something to be desired. So, I’m stuck with a recap of a recap. Ah, well. Cest la vie.

  • I teared up the whole first half of the recap episodes. I’m just so stoked for these young’uns and that their every dream may come true before it’s all over. Oh, and also I can be a bit of a sap.
  • This may well be the FIRST time I was actually thankful for the recap footage of what had happened the night before. Heretofore I will hesitate to ever criticize this segment again. Even as I fast forward it each week…there will be nary a sigh from my lips.
  • Today was our work Sales Conference where the editors present all the books for the upcoming list. At said Sales Conference I wore my new business suit (the only one I’ve ever owned) and my new black heels. I wanted to kill my feet by the end of the day which makes me in awe of our American Idol-ites wearing 6 inch heels and rocking the stage. Granted some rocked it more than others, but they ALL rocked it better than me. Let’s just be real here.
  • I LOVED Megan Joy’s outfit. Especially the necklace. It was phenom.
  • I have a feeling I’ll get tired of hearing the phrase “_____ will be going home tonight UNLESS the judges save him/her.” It’s obvious when they’re sitting there stone faced or jumping around like a pre-teen (ahem…PAULA…) that they have no intention of saving most of these folks. That being said, I wish this had been around when Daughtry was voted off the island.
  • Who said that dream catchers were in style as necklaces? 
  • I don’t get Kelly Clarkson’s outfit. I just don’t get it.

In the end Jasmine and Jorge went home. Based on their repeat performance, I can’t say that I disagree with America.

This is neither here nor there, but I REALLY hate the new Comcast commercials. They are dumb. And I’m a professional marketer so I can say things like this with authority.

Warbling in the shower until next week’s episode…Haddock out!


3 thoughts on “A car, a song and a dream

  1. Dad says:

    Good Morning M,

    First, I’m glad you are safe from harm. As you know, metal on a car is easy to fix (expensive but easy) compared to my lovely daughter’s flesh!

    Was hoping for more blog details on the marketing presentation and how it went, but was glad to hear about the “new business suit”! 🙂

    I had no idea marketing people, especially those in book marketing (you know…words), would come up with such an eloquent phrase for the Comcast commercials…as my daughter says, “I”m just saying”!

    Love & Miss You greatly!

  2. Mrs T says:

    Wow! I would say that God was definitely on your shoulder that day. It was all just too neat to be explained any other way.

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