Girl Powa’!

American Idol was on tonight. 🙂 Let’s recap, shall we?

Jasmine Murray

How you know her: She’s sixteen and cute as pie. Is pie cute? She also has really smiley eyes. Still drawing a blank? Well, she’s the one that sang “Love Song” …but not well, and the judges thought she was commercial. I don’t think she’ll be here next week. And by “here” I mean on the American Idol stage.

Matt Giraud

How you know him: He’s the “warring pianist” who sang Coldplay.  Dude. I was REALLY looking forward to him! He really was so awesome in Hollywood week. But this week? His vibrato really weirded me out, though I thought he looked the part. I think he won’t make it through this week, but will probably be a wild card pick.

Jeanine Vailes

How you know her: The judges mostly complimented her legs. I think the only kind thing I can say about her is that she’s from my favorite District…the District of Columbia. She completely murdered her song and then was annoying in begging America to vote for her. Ew. She won’t last another week if America knows what’s good for them.

Norman Gentle (Nick Mitchell)

How you know him: How could you NOT know him? He got in over Jamar and I’m ticked off about it. He wears a shiny shirt that reminds me of a slap bracelet that I once owned and red head and wrist bands that make me think…well, that he’s just weird. He sang his own rendition of “You’re Gonna Love Me”.  While it had it’s funny moments, I’m sure, I’m not looking for a random entertainer, I want someone that can really sing. If America votes according to talent, he won’t be gracing the AI stage next week. However, sometimes America doesn’t vote that way and while I don’t think he deserves another round, I wouldn’t be shocked if he stays.

Allison Iraheta

How you know her: Her unnatural red hair and an awkward interchange between her and Ryan about being in “American Idol” school rather than her high school. Am I right, people? That was AWKward. She totally owned that stage and was the best of the night by far. I think she’ll get through to the top twelve and I’m looking forward to it…though I hope she can get past these interview faux pas.

Kris Allen

How you know him: You probably don’t. I’d never seen him before (or didn’t remember if I had…). He sang “Man in the Mirror” and barely held onto the pitch, but I actually really liked him. He seems like a genuine guy. I don’t know that he’ll make it through, but a girl can hope, right?

Megan Joy Corkrey

How you know her: She’s got a funky tone to her voice and has long flowing blond mermaid hair. She’s like her name…a little quirky. Her dress was super cute and she had a great performance. I’m not sure how she’ll do with all the different genres, but she’s got my interest. I think she’s got a shot of making it through…

Matt Breitzke

How you know him: He’s a welder. We allllll get it. He has an okay voice, but I don’t really see anything special about the guy musically. I’d say he’s a gonner unless his welder friends get together and really rock the vote.

Jesse Langseth

How you know her: She’s a single mom with red hair and a weird song choice “Betty Davis Eyes”. She sang the song in tune (point #1 in her favor), and she sang it well (point #2 in her favor). The judges didn’t like her that much and I was put off by her talking when the judges were critiquing her. Stop trying so hard! Seriously! It already takes a million hours to get through the judges thoughts. Can’t we just nominate a few spokespeople to speak for the group?

Kai Kalama

How you know him: His name reminds you of hakuna matata (or maybe that’s just me). He loves his mom a LOT and his hair has a life of its own.  No. Just no. He’s not making it through, no way, no how. If he does, I will do my best to fast forward through his each and every song. Okay, so maybe he wasn’t that bad, but I really didn’t like it. I’m sure by now you get my drift. 🙂

Mishavonna Henson

How you know her: She was the super cute girl who was wearing the best outfit of the night, hands down. She sang “Drops of Jupiter” and sang it WELL. I think the judges are crazy. She was the second best girl of the night for me. She was so poised, polished, and her mannerisms on stage didn’t make me reach for my fast forward button.

Adam Lambert

How you know him: He’s been in musical theater for a LOONG time, people. He knows how to have an audience eat out of his hand, for pete’s sake. BUT Kara has shown him the light and he’s going to internalize and project his personal connection to the songs from now on. He also looks like this guy:


Here’s the deal. The guy can sing fo’ real. He was definately the best male performer tonight. But I’m kind of over him…so we’ll leave it at that.

And there you have it! The second set of 12 in a nutshell (help! they’re in a nutshell!) Until next time…Haddock out! (Ryan should bring that back…)


3 thoughts on “Girl Powa’!

  1. Dad says:

    Well…since Jess said it was an excellent recap…I’m gonna delete the 2 shows from our DVR this week. It’s too processy to watch everyone…especially when you have the mega-smart daughter commentary! One of your blog fans would like to request that you provide a final top guy and final top lady entertainer for the night. You know…Amy’s Triple A Rating!

  2. Jennifer Pam says:

    AGREE WITH ALLLLLLLL OF YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I even said the very same things to Bri. You and I are like this- i am crossing my fingers…(although the drops of jupiter girl was my #1)

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