Monday Madness

Monday mornings never fail to fly by. I usually find myself caught up in projects left over from the week before as well as prep for my numerous Tuesday meetings. This week I also have a major deadline to hit as our catalog goes to press on Wednesday…not that you all really know what I’m talking about or really care, but I have to laugh at myself because as I’m doing my tasks in a flurry of activity, I have these random thoughts that are rarely captured on paper.  To be completely accurate, I guess most thoughts aren’t captured on paper. But isn’t that what blogs are for??

  • Why does water taste so much better when I’m drinking it out of a cute water bottle?
  • I wonder how this highlighter keeps from getting dried out? Maybe they should apply the lid technology that keeps it from drying out into tupperware-type storage containers…might keep my food fresher
  • Maybe it’s not the best idea to put flowers into my drinking water cup unless I take the cup directly to the dishwasher…
  • I wonder how many more papers the top shelf of my inbox can take before it collapses? I wonder if they do testing to see how many pounds of paper their product will hold up under? If they do consumer testing and I bet I could get on a list somewhere and get paid for giving them feedback.
  • Those roll-over minute commercials are so funny (silent chuckle so as not to disturb my cube-mate). Come to think of it, those Stride commercials are nothing to sneeze at. I wonder if I sneezed while chewing gum how far it would go?

There you have it! Monday comes because of the Julian calendar people. The madness comes from me. 🙂


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