My Computer

I’m a little organizationally…um, shall we say…anal when it comes to keeping information on my computer.  Each folder has it’s place, and probably about 12 sub-categorized folders inside of that.  My packrat-ish nature that is being somewhat overcome in the physical realm is really taking hold in virtual space.  I can’t help it! If knowledge is power, then why not have it all completely organized and at your fingertips?

So, when my friend asked me to dig up a job description that I came up with at my last job, I knew exactly where to look. But what I wasn’t expecting in my journey into my hard drive was to unearth the journal entries that I’ve stored there. Reading back through a few of them was an interesting birds-eye view of my life over the last few years.  For some reason, when I’m the most upset pouring out my thoughts on paper is the only thing that makes me feel closure within myself. I come to decisions, reverse my opinions, and confess my faults as I review the words that I’ve written. It’s so much easier for me to dissect why I feel or think what I feel or think after I’ve emptied all thoughts out of my head and can look at them more objectively. 

It’s crazy to me how much my life has changed even since I moved to Colorado. I’m working in a new job, living with new roommates in a new house, and just in a very different place than before…literally and figuratively. It’s kind of hard to convey, but I’m just so thankful. I’m thankful that even though I can’t see it when I’m in the middle of living my life, God continues to have that birds-eye view and guides my life as He wants. 

And I guess that’s all for now. 🙂


One thought on “My Computer

  1. Dad says:

    Hey M,

    This post looked lonely. ZERO Comments…

    Who are these people that regularly comment on your posts and why would they not comment on this very thoughtful post?! 🙂 Now for some confessions of a father…

    I apologize for being the gene pool from which you probably got your computer file OCD. On the other hand, you probably got your spirtual sensitivity from your mom’s gene pool! (Actually you’ve always been way ahead of us, so it has to be HIM that provides that!)

    Love, D

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