Tag, I’m It…

Just as a disclaimer, I think you all should know that I don’t like email forwards, I don’t respond to chain letters or emails, and along with my friend Polly, I don’t respond to the whole Facebook requests/apps. So normally, I don’t do these kinds of things. I think we should just make that clear.

However, blog tagging is just good fun…especially when it isn’t long and involved (like having to come up with 25 random facts about yourself via Facebook. Boo!).  A few days ago Erin tagged me to:

  • Choose the 4th folder where your pictures are stored
  • Select the 4th picture
  • Explain the picture
  • Tag 3 other people

Since I’m blogging on my lunch break, I’m at work which means that I’m adding an extra special twist. Just a little shout out for my peeps. 🙂

Here’s my picture following said instructions:


My explanation: A few years ago I got the wild and slightly insane idea that I’d like to try doing flowers for weddings. I mean, I’d purchased my fair share of fresh flowers at Trader Joe’s and loved arranging them, I’d seen wedding flowers in photos, and from this vast array of experience, I thought it would be a slam dunk. My partner in crime for the first wedding was Niki  who brought to the table actual experience working in at a florist and friendship that knew no bounds.  Since then I’ve done a few weddings and decided that I should compile picture book of my “work” so that I could re-live my glory days. 

One wedding I did the flowers for was Sarah Jane Brock’s and I emailed her at the end of last year and asked her to forward me some digital pics of the flowers so that I could add them to my stack. She graciously complied (though I’m sure she had better things to do) and here we are months later.

I’m tagging:




Also, can I just tell you that this article made me laugh today? It has nothing to do with being tagged, but it’s still good fun, especially if you like football: http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/blog/shutdown_corner/post/Peyton-Manning-threw-Jay-Cutler-s-blood-sugar-mo?urn=nfl%2C139247

Additionally, this I ate a banana for the first time in a while. I literally bought it because the sticker said “I heart your heart”.  So cute. And now I’m potassium enriched because of it.

Have a good rest of your day!


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