I’m watching the presidential debate right now. Maybe you are too? I just have to ask…where does the audience come from? They all look like they are sour pusses. Am I right?  These are serious individuals. Granted, a presidential debate is a good place to show a certain amount of decorum. I’m just sayin’, show some passion, people!

I feel that I must disclose that I’ve never really watched a presidential debate. Unless you count that episode on West Wing that they did live like a debate. And I suppose I can’t really count that since it wasn’t a REAL presidential debate. Not really.

Here are my thoughts:

– I like McCain. But he definitely talks without fully opening his mouth. That bugs me.

– Tom Brokaw has aged a lot. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched the news, apparently.

– Obama makes me want to shoot myself in the face.

– I like that they can take notes. That makes me happy.

– I wonder if that carpet is cushy. It looks cushy.

– I think Tom Brokaw should run for president.

– I wonder what that traffic light-y looking thing does?

– I wonder if McCain’s watch is waterproof? It looks pretty hefty.

– Where are the wives? I guess they don’t get to watch.

– I wonder why they have two different microphones?

– Tom’s (that’s right, we’re on first name terms now) tie is red. I wonder if that means that he’s voting for McCain? He should have worn a red and blue tie to be more impartial.

That’s all. My mail-in ballot came in the mail yesterday! I’m stoked! And I need to get to researching…


5 thoughts on “Debates…

  1. Linda Haddock says:

    I have to ask, were we checking out the aesthtics or the issues?
    All in all, I think the lady with the huge, black beads and stuttered over her questions had a lot of passion. (Remember, she was the ‘cynical’ one).
    The traffic lighty thingy was to alert the debaters when their time was up but it was TOTALLY ineffectual.
    Love you,

  2. Kelmo says:

    I like McCain too but have noticed his mouth opening issues as well.

    Poor Tom had to keep scolding these two fine men – they just wouldn’t listen about the light thingy for time!

    I totally noticed McCains chunky watch too!

    I saw Cindy in the far back row of one of the sections, I think they were allowed to watch but you had to watch carefully to see them 😉

    I like that they had their own microphones.

  3. Dad says:

    Hey M!

    Nice to know my daughter is watching the debates. On the way to work this morning I was listening to Quinn & Rose (XM 158 from 6 to 9am). They had a segment where people were voting for Obama because he’s black. They even tricked the interviewees by asking if they liked that Obama picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. All of them said, “Yeah, she was a good pick”. So, I’m really glad you are “doing your research”! 🙂

    I noticed you made a point about McCain’s jaw not opening. M, many people don’t know that EVERY bone in this guys body was broken when he was a Prisoner of War (POW). You’ll notice he walks jerky and can’t lift his arms very high. When Sarah Palin says, “He’s the only candidate that has fought for this country”, she’s not kidding.

    I like McCain, I don’t LOVE McCain. I love what McCain has given to his country (his life and health). For that…I respect him and count him a hero. I do LOVE his running mate, which will now allow me to vote for him with PASSION rather than holding my nose when I vote!! 🙂


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