Your Thoughts, Please…

Okay, so I’ve filled up my DVR recording the Olympics. I looooove watching them. I’m probably going to go into major withdrawal when the Summer 2008 Olympic Games are over.  Mostly, I can’t imagine someone going through years and years and years and years of training/conditioning for ONE sport, to be the best in ONE field. There’s so much pressure! I can hardly stand to watch it and they actually have to perform it! 

It kind of makes me wonder…what am I good at? Nothin’ much. Except maybe Gilmore Girls trivia. And in the grand scheme of things, I’m thinking that’s not much…

In any case, the question on the table is this: Given my obsessive love of this year’s Olympic games, should I buy the Olympic Games Highlight DVD? And maybe the Michael Phelps commemorative DVD, too? I’m torn. In one sense, am I REALLY going to hunker down in my room for weeks at a time re-watching these events? Maybe not.

But… how cool would it have been to buy the DVD where Mary Lou Retton got perfect 10s and made history? Pretty darn cool. And if my kids have a research project and their topic (carefully guided by me, of course) is Olympic history, how great would it be to have everything on one (or two) commemortive DVD(s)?

There’s no need to go off the deep end, though, so I’d like feedback. I’ll reserve the right to make the final decision, but input is highly welcomed. 🙂

Here’s all the information you need to make an informed decision:


4 thoughts on “Your Thoughts, Please…

  1. andtheivy says:

    I actually prefer to make as uninformed a decision as possible. In fact, I would bet my car, the farm, and my entire hand-made greeting card collection that I know the LEAST of anyone who will comment. Why? Because all I’VE watched of the Olympics is when I was on the treadmill at the gym and the Olympics just happened to be on the TV in front of me and that one dude, what’s his name? oh yeah, Michael Phelps, broke, like all the records in the history of the world and got his 5th or 6th, or 12th or whatever it was gold medal. But right before that I watched 2 guys from the Chinese gymnastics team do floor routine. So basically I’ve seen A LOT. My input to you is yes and no. Yes, because I will need to refer to the scene or scenes or scenessss when teaching my own never-to-be-born children about these events and also because I know you and you WILL break them out and watch them again. And no, because none of us need anymore stuff (here we go again with opposing philosophies). Amen. 🙂

  2. Sam Neylan says:

    Do you want me to tell you who wins all the medals?….I could put it in my FB status if you’d like. BTW, it’s not just you Amy..lots of other peeps have given away punchlines.

    Moving on… please don’t buy it. That’s what YouTube is for. Possessing more things…why do we do that in the U.S.?

    AND, if you reeeeally feel like the LORD is demanding that you fill your home with more possessions, than I would buy it 6 months from now on Ebay for 10% of the original cost…but I”m guessing by that time the fervor of the need to own it will have faded? and you’ll have just saved yourself some cash (and space). That’s just me though. I feel like I’m hoarding when I leave things stockpiled on my DVR.

  3. Jen Pam says:

    It’s 19.99$ I spend more money on sodas during the week. I know. I am terrible-totally thoughtless.

    P.S. He is your boyfriend

  4. Dad says:

    Hey M,

    I think Sam’s on to something. However, temper my comments in light of the fact that your post comes in the wake of my recent acceptance of being a “Plugged-In”(the name of our Small Group Bible Study Program) Group Leader at our church. The class I’m teaching–Jesus: On Money wrtten by Larry Burkett & Kay Moore and I’m already being convicted with reminders of what I once knew about God’s principles of Finance.

    The key point I’m studying right now is that we as believers don’t really own anything. In fact, if our banker treated our money like we do the Lord’s money, we’d not bank there anymore. In other words, we just spend God’s money any way WE want rather than asking the Savior what HE wants us to spend HIS money on. So…those are my slanted and twisted comments! 🙂


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