What’s new with me?

Well, clearly a lot because I haven’t been blogging. Sometimes, I just have to live my life and not blog so that I’ll have more to blog about. Do you see the vicious cycle? 🙂 Here’s what’s new with me…

1.  I’m taking a multi-vitamin. 

Let’s be honest about it. I hate multi-vitamins. When I was little and my Mom gave me Flintstone vitamins I’d eat them every once in a while if I got the character and the color I wanted. But when I grew up, I started to receive those Centrium horse-size vitamins. You know the ones? They’ve got the wannbe vanilla-y flavor coating on the outside (nobody’s fooled, Centrium…nobody) and take the strength of Gaston to swallow? Yep, I tried maybe one or two of those before I began squirreling them away into my jewelry box when no one was looking. Until a fateful day a week ago when I realized that I’m not as young as I once was and soon my body is going to be breaking down. I decided to take my fate into my own hands, woman-up and start taking a multi-vitamin.

You know what I found? I found that they have made GREAT advances in vitamin making in the last 10 or so years. I found calcium that tastes like chocolate. It’s ABOUT FREAKING TIME! I also revisited the Centrium of my youth and found that they had a younger flashier version for consumption…the orange-flavored chewable kind.  Gone is the pseudo vanilla coating my mouth. It’s a thing of the past.  I can chew these bad boys up with ease and they don’t even taste bad. Now that’s something I can get behind!

2.  I might have volleyball skills. 

Do I have any? Welllll, that’s pushing the envelope a bit. I love to play the game and played one year of high school, where I mostly…how to put this nicely?…road the bench. I remember talking the coach into letting me play on my birthday, but I don’t really think I even touched the ball. Since then, I’m a participant in every after Sunday night church game and have really boned up on my knowledge of how to conquer a white ball (and my height) all in one fell swoop.  So, when I over heard my co-worker Liz talking about a volleyball league that she joined for the summer, I was all for signing up! We play outside in the grass at a park and my teammates are really awesome.  It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve even felt myself improving through the weeks! I gotta say, I also don’t miss the knee pads. Now, that was a fashion statement, eh?

3.  I’m on a pet sitting adventure. 

Tiffany left this last week for a conference for work.  She has 2 cats and a dog and enlisted me to help keep them healthy and happy for the week and a half that she’s gone.  The only thing is that she has a diabetic cat. That needs shots once every 12 hours. Or something unspeakable happens. Um, okay. First let me tell you that my Mom is a nurse. She’s THE most AWESOME nurse ever (except when we were kids and couldn’t get away with faking that we were sick to get out of school).  My sisters both went down the path of wanting to be nurses and both sisters went to work with my Mom at the hospital to shadow her for a day.  The result? Both of them (on seperate occasions years and years apart) fainted dead away and crossed nursing off of their probable major list for college.  Me? Nope. I didn’t even try it. I know my limitations and nursing definately tampers with the boundaries I’ve set for myself. Like, sticking my hands into people’s body cavities. No THANK YOU.  So, you can see how a little insulin with a syringe in my hand is a potentially lethal combination for this poor cat. Despite my qualms, it’s been going quite well and I even think the cat is warming up to me.  As for me, cats are still not my favorite, but I’m sucking up to this one with treats and soothing words so that it won’t run from me when I start to stick a needle in his skin…

4.  I heart the game Cranium.

Once in college, ASB set up a dorm vs. dorm Cranium game.  While well intentioned in thought, it didn’t really go well in real life.  I believe I spent the evening mocking other teams and basically ignoring every rule that was presented at the beginning of the game.  The takeaway? I thought Cranium was boring. Boy, was I wrong! I played last week with Tiffany, Katie and Stephanie and was laughing until TEARS were streaming down my face. And I wasn’t the only one.  While housesitting, I decided to pull the game out and play with Katie and Stephanie this weekend and it proved to have all the elements of a rocking good time.  Someone drawing something impossible without looking? Check. Someone recognize a song that someone else is humming when the person humming it only knows a section of the chorus? Yep. Trying to break down words that you’ve never heard of into their “roots”? For sure! Give it another try. You won’t be sorry. 🙂

5. Ice Pops are the BOMB! 

Some people (that aren’t me) call these Otter Pops.  I’ve never taking illegal drugs and I’m not a drinker…but I AM addicted to these little summertime treats. It takes me back to my childhood and makes me relive sweet summer days of plastic swimming pools indenting the back yard grass, sifting sand in my little McDonalds bucket, and picking dandelions for my Mom (she graciously received each one and later taught us that they were weeds :)).  I love that it’s okay to be excited to see my mouth turn a different color. That just NEVER gets old…

Whelp, I’m headed on a road trip tomorrow and won’t be back to a computer until Monday. I’ve got lots of posts swimming around in this head of mine and hopefully will come back with deets (details) and pix (pictures) from my trip with my Mom.


4 thoughts on “What’s new with me?

  1. stef says:

    I just want to say that explaining what your abbrevations (deets and pix) mean, kind of defeats the purpose of shortening the word, don’t you think? Just ask Katie how mad she gets when Rachael Ray says E.V.O.O. just to point out 1/2 a sec (second) later that it stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    love you… 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    stef’s right about the e.v.o.o. thing. it’s so annoy!

    love that you blogged about our fun cranium times – it’s so fun it makes me feel like i’m in pig heaven! – but where are all those pics we posed for, huh?

  3. Kelly says:

    Have you tried Turbo Cranium?! Even better than the original. And, I so with you on the ice pops, but we call the icee’s. Hope you had fun with your mom!

  4. Dad says:

    HM (Hi Amy),

    TFTGBP (Thanks for the great blog post)

    HYAYMHANTTWY (Hope you and your Mom had a nice trip to Wyoming)

    ILYVVM (I love you very very much)

    D (Dad)

    PS – Steph and Katie are right… 🙂

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