I want some mow

Ahem. So. I’m lame. I still haven’t posted pictures of my new place. I’ve taken nary a roommate photo (although we did all play a rousing game of Clue this evening…).  There’s really nothing I can do about that right now. But what I CAN tell you is that when I moved in to this new house, I acquired a lawn. Not just a teensy tiny front lot. But a real frontyard and backyard. Now, my past interaction with lawns of my youth was limited to bringing my Dad a jug of iced tea while he mowed. And I liked my part in that arrangement a LOT.

But, when you’ve got three single girls living in a house someone’s going to have to mow the lawn, lest the grass grow so tall that we can’t get out of our house thereby making us all recluses and by extension old maids. But, I digress. The three of us equitably decided that we would take turns mowing the lawn.  This was a big step for me as I had never done anything like this before. Liz gave Carly and I a “lawn mowing tutorial” one Friday afternoon and the names went on the schedule.

Last weekend was my turn to mow the front yard. Here’s what I learned:

1.  Lawn mowing gives me the same thrill that power tools do. Watch out bugs! There’s a blade a-comin’ for you!

2.  Proper footwear is KEY. It’s all fun and games until someone loses a toe.

3.  Lawn mowing is a lot like vacuuming…but carpet doesn’t grow.

4.  Remembering the “easy uphill lever” halfway through isn’t cool.

5.  Remind me to hire someone to bring me iced tea.

So, all in all, no one got killed. The grass has been cut.  And this is the first time in my life that this thought crossed my mind “Hmmm. maybe I should buy a weed wacker…” It’s an experience that I am not likely to forget anytime soon…especially since I’m destined to repeat it every two weeks. 🙂

My tennis shoes made it through my adventure without any of the grass stains I remember on my Dad’s mowing shoes…

My trusty steed/weapon of grass destruction…

The fruits of my labor. Nothing like hefting a huge bag of cut grass in the trash bin to make you remember the good ‘ole days of winter.


7 thoughts on “I want some mow

  1. Linda Haddock says:

    I am proud of you…thank you for adding to your ‘firsts’ in life…first step….first cupcake…first tooth….you get the idea.
    I love you very much and thanks for the entertainment!

  2. Dad says:


    I must admit, I was a little jealous of Liz. I always wanted to be the one to teach you girls about Lawn Care.

    I missed the connection between proper shoes and Tennis Shoes??? I always used steel toed shoes (until I got my John Deere rider). I guess tennis shoes are better than flip flops. Please wear long pants!

    FYI…the shoes don’t get dirty mowing…it’s when you get that weed wacker you were talking about. That tool changes the landscape of your shoes’ cleanliness forever…you’ll need old ones…trust me!


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