Movin’ On…

Sooooo. Here’s the thing. I moved this weekend. And in so doing, I learned a few things.

1.  The song is wrong. Diamonds are NOT a girl’s best friend. Spackle is. (My Dad gets Father of the Year for buying me my own tube of spackle. It’s something everyone should have. I’m serious.)

2.  Unless you are hanging a punching bag, you probably don’t need a wall anchor.  Taking those things out takes FOREVER. I think I aged 5 years just using pliers to pull the stupid things out. Refer back to #1.

3.  I have a LOT of earthly belongings. Even purging before my move to Colorado really didn’t seem to make much difference in the long run. I promise that I’m not trying to be a packrat. It just comes so easily…

4.  You know what you should hang on to? Every binder of notes since college. And throw some in from high school too. You never know when you might need a “higher learning” refresher course. And those binders are light. Trust me. Supa’ easy to move.

5.  Basements rock. My new living arrangement has me in a basement room. I love it! It’s nice and cool down here and I have a bit of space to retain my furniture and bookcases. Now, if only I can find a place for all the rest of my books, I’ll be in good shape.

6.  I have a new pet. It’s a cricket. He lives outside my window every night and lulls me to sleep with his dulcet tones. I’m pretty sure he’s my conscience…

7.  Those Magic Erasers are just that…MAGIC. They are INSANE!!! It’s like they are a sponge with a wand. Enchanted, really.

8.  Friends ROCK! There’s no way that I would have been able to move my stuff (see #3) as quickly or efficiently without my super duper phenomenal friends to help me out. Gabe, Jeremy, Wallace, Seth, Anne, Carly, Jen, Katie and Stephenie came to my rescue! I’ve special ordered REALLY big jewels and they’ll receive them in heaven.

For those of you that don’t know, I moved in with Carly and Liz, my friends and co-workers.  Upside? Living with cool people. Downside? More books than the Library of Congress…

Make sure if you are planning to send me an awesome care package (who says they’re just for students?!) or a sentimental card telling me how much our friendship means to you, that you contact me for my new address. 🙂

Unless you want a portrait of a pile of boxes, the pictures will have to wait for this weekend. Of course, you might be into that weird this-is-art-but-it-just-looks-like-a-pile-of-boxes scene. If you are one of those, I’m still not going to send  you a picture of my boxes.


Think of it as tough love.


6 thoughts on “Movin’ On…

  1. Dad says:

    M, true to my new “shorter comment” form, I have this to say…

    1. I feel bad u felt u had to post after midnight Eastern time…mom isn’t going 2 B happy with me, when she finds out who hounded u for this new post; 2.Congrats on the new digs, great friends and co-workers; 3. Numbers 1-5, 7 & 8 – Funny… #6 hilarious!; 4. Wish I could have been there 2 help and 2 meet all those terrific helpers that took me off the hook in moving one-third of the Library of Congress!! AML, Dad. Since you were up so late…tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet…

  2. phil314 says:

    You crack me up, Aim–I always love reading your posts!:) I really hope you write a book someday, because you are a great writer (you better autograph my copy for me!)! Hope you enjoy the new place . . . Oh yeah, and can you email me your new address? Not that I have anything particular to send, but–hey–you never know when a care package might be in order;)

  3. Carly says:

    Two things:

    1. I disagree with you about the whole diamond thing. You’ve seen the pictures. Diamonds ARE my best friend. At least for now. Maybe it’s a phase?? 🙂

    2. That cricket is definitely your conscience, it’s trying to tell you that you should give all of your friends little jewels/treasures BEFORE they get to heaven too. Just trust me.

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