And so it happened…

…that David Cook won American Idol last night.


And although I’m sure there will be a general outcry (from 44% of voters to be exact), I think he deserved to win.  Overall, he has been more innovative with his songs and has had much better stage presence. However, before cyber-eggs are hurtled at this blog, I do also think David Archuleta deserved to win…but in a different way. His voice is undeniably great and the emotion that comes through his songs never failed to draw me in. Even on songs that I thought were dumb. Plus, I always wanted to scoop him up and put him in my pocket.

At this point, though, there’s nothing more to be done. The people have spoken. The weird boxing analogy has been resoved. And what’s more, my survey TOTALLY called it!

While 55.6 % enjoyed David Archuleta’s personality more, an overwhelming majority of you enjoyed David Cook’s musical style, stage presence, and thought he deserved to win.  So, props to you! It’s almost like YOU have won American Idol…but without the car. And without the millions of screaming hometown fans. And without the record deal (why do we still call them record deals? The record is loooong gone, people). And without the massive media coverage. But otherwise, it’s exactly the same.

I’m sad, of course, that American Idol has come to an end for this year. I think I’m 56 % (percentages rock! It’s going to become a thing…spread the word!) more sad that I won’t be able to see the BEST HOST EVER guide contestants throughout the long and winding road that is AI.  *sigh.

So, here we are. And I’m left with a few burning questions…

1) Did Simon know the results before they were revealed? Is that what prompted the apology?

2) How do you all feel about the outcome? And more importantly, of the two Davids whose CD will you buy/download?

3) Did anyone else watch the 2 hour finale in 30 minutes?

Peace out, my peeps. 🙂


6 thoughts on “And so it happened…

  1. jessi says:


    I don’t care about American Idol. I’ve never watched a season.

    But, if I lived near you, I think I would get caught up in the enthusiasm just by sheer proximity.

    Any hankerin’ to return to AK????

  2. stef says:

    dude…kate and i only watched the last two minutes. that’s all that’s necessary, right? and btw…records are not loooooooong gone, i listen to records all the time and you can still buy them. long live the “record deal”!

    david a. is a girl.

  3. Dad says:

    M, As mom said, “Well said”.

    Question 1: No, didn’t you see that they have a 3rd party accounting firm handing Ryan a “sealed” paper. You KNOW Ryan wouldn’t give the info to Simon…
    Question 2: Good, although I think David A kick David C around the stage the final night!
    Question 3: Your Mom and I watched, fast forwarded, watched, …well you get the idea (lapse time – 35 minutes, tops)

    Check out my new website named in your honor. I haven’t actually purchased the URL yet, wanted to get your okeedokee first! 🙂

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