No Standing or Stopping…Only Walking Scene 2

Walking out of the Holocaust museum, the sun seemed a little too bright and my brain was on overdrive. But, time was limited and we were very near to many of the memorials so awalking we went. 

 Can I just tell you that when I told people I was going to D.C. almost everyone without fail told me that I was going to miss out on the cherry blossoms? Now, I didn’t say anything outloud, but inside I was thinking What the heck is up with the cherry blossoms?! After walking through most of the “the mall” (what they call the grouping of the main memorials), I get it now.


I’d like to title this picture “almost a blossom”

The first memorial on the agenda was the Jefferson memorial:


Across the sea of shining waters…

It’s a massive marble building that pays considerable homage to a major contributor to the founding of our nation. After reading all his engraved words, I have this to say: Thomas Jefferson was smart. AND, I never want to be the one to start a nation.

Here’s some more pictures to tickle your fancy:


This is Thomas Jefferson. In addition to being smart, he was also TALL.


I heart marble columns. It made me feel like I was in a place of importance. Which, I suppose, is the whole point. 🙂

The next memorial we hit was the Washington Memorial.  Please bear with me. I have about 800 gazillion pictures of this monument. Why? Because it is the freaking tallest structure I’ve ever seen in all my born days and it is visible from EVERYWHERE. I didn’t even realize how many shots I got of it! Every pictures that WASN’T of the Potomac River was most definately of the Washington Memorial.

To be honest with you, I was a women on a mission. To you, this means that I didn’t really “drink in” the experience of the next few memorials. It was about 4:00 PM and my parents were a wee bit ready to be back on the Metro, so I took off to accomplish my mission (you bet I chose to accept it!) and obtain photo ops with the iconic buildings of Washington D.C. The White House, ironically, did not make the list…


From the Jefferson Memorial my perch was perfect for a picture of the whole thing. However, it is equally true to say that I got a picture of the whole thing from other vantage points throughout the city. As a bonus, I discovered that it’s really hard to take a close up picture of a monument that’s 800 billion million miles in height measurements.


Across the golf course size lawn was the World War II Memorial, the Reflecting Pool, and the Lincoln Memorial. I left my parents under the watchful eye of Washington and took off with my handy dandy camera in hand (actually, it was strapped to my hand for safe keeping, if you must know)


If this picture isn’t self explanatory, please see me after class…


What I observed as I was fast walking through this memorial is that:

1.  It was really beautiful and there were waterfalls everywhere


2.  Every state had a column and a wreath. You better believe I took that photo op!



3.  These monument guys really like to etch things in marble. And I LOVE it. I think it’s something about someone’s words living forever in stone that really sticks out to me.


Next stop was a beeline towards the Lincoln Memorial. BTW, just for the record, I think that the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Memorial should switch names. Because, let’s face it…Lincoln was taller, so his monument should be taller. The logic is there. Of course, I suppose it would cause a lot of trouble in that the tour guides would have to explain away a huge marble statue of Lincoln in Washington’s monument. Hmmm.


There is DEFINATE photo shopping going on in all of these coffee table books. And, excuse me, but I don’t remember the Reflecting Pool being brown in the movies.


Getting closer! Man, this thing was far away… Not so much of a problem for Lincoln’s stride, but us 5’2″ girls gotta move


What are all these people doing in my Kodak moment?!


The man himself. A bit of trivia for you…they casted Lincoln’s hands while he was still president. In my estimation, they were very life-like.


A picture from the other side!

And last but not least, isn’t this the greatest picture of my parents EVER?



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