Theaters and Cathedrals

Day two of our trip began with me almost dying a horrible and immediate death. And by that, I mean that we tried driving in downtown Washington D.C.  Let me tell you, that place is pure mayhem covered up by the stately demeanor of the buildings. But, maybe I should start from the beginning.

 As you all know, I now work in publishing (insert happy happy joy joy dance here).  One of our authors, Mark Batterson, has a church in D.C. The concept is that they have 4 locations one of which meets in the theater in Union Station. Kind of unique and I wanted to see what it was all about. I wasn’t horrified by the idea of seeing Union Station, either. 🙂

The original plan was to take the metro to Union Station, hit National Community Church and then walk to the Library of Congress which was really close by. Unfortunately, we forgot to inform the Librarian of Congress that we required her presence there…in other words, it was closed. So, being the quick thinkers that we are we came up with an alternate plan to hit the National Cathedral instead. The problem (as you may have grasped by now) was that they weren’t close together and the metro didn’t stop near enough to the Cathedral.  This meant that we were taking the family car to accomplish hitting both sites before days end.

If I can explain further, the roads in this area of town curve around quite a bit and then you have the occasional one way street that screws everything up. There I was, map in hand (if I was the one handling the map, you know things are out of wack) trying to get from point A to point B when I look up and realize that we’ve turned the wrong way onto a one way street. My Dad has reflexes like cat (this is why we elected that he be the driver…or was it because he didn’t want us behind the wheel? I forget.) and quickly steered us back onto the right path.

In any case, I know you all are just in it for the pictures, so here it goes!


Just to prove I was actually in Union Station…


This was the theater church…it made me miss my days as a sound girl.


This was my first up close view of the National Cathedral.  The pure size and scope of the building just evokes awe and reverence.


One of the side views of the building. Check out those flying buttresses! 🙂


If  you walk into the main sanctuary portion and look up, this is what you see. I felt like getting an A Cappella group together right then and there!


The National Cathedral has about a hundred million thousand stain glass windows. They are organized in such a way as they represent the Bible from start to finish. This rosette window was one of three and if I remember correctly, it is when everyone bows before Jesus in the end days.


The Sunday that we visited was Palm Sunday (hence the palm fronds). I thought these podiums were really interesting. The detail is amazing. I think Paul and Peter are depicted on this one…they actually were shipped to the National Cathedral from Canterbury, England.


One thing about these Anglicans…they are STRICT. This is a holding cell for people that cause a ruckus in the National Cathedral. Just kidding! Behind this gate and the gate behind it, Helen Keller is buried.

I really enjoyed my time at the National Cathedral. I’ve forgotten most of the facts that our tour guide told us, but I remember these two things: 1.) The National Cathedral is the 3rd largest cathedral in the world. 2.) Every week of the year they pray for a certain state and the week we visited it was Colorado! Interesting, no?

And as a bonus, I lived through the day.


One thought on “Theaters and Cathedrals

  1. Sam Neylan says:

    hilarious AND we had a view of the cathedral from our hotel in DC (just a few weeks ago). Good job for living…and very interesting about Helen Keller being buried there. WHo knew?!?!?! (jesus, probably)

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