First Things First…

Just as a point of interest, I’ve decided my new favorite punctuation is the elipsis. And, why does bathroom facet water taste so different from kitchen facet water? Greg? Anyone?

 Ahem. The real reason for these next few posts is to bring all of you in bloggy world up to date on my trip out to the East Coast. Whew! When my parents promised me that we could make that 3 hour drive to D.C. for my birthday…well…I won’t lie to you. I was pretty darn stoked. Finally, I could witness for myself the buildings that once taunted me from the likes of West Wing and The American President!

So, it was only appropriate that I start out my trip to a little place outside the D.C. area called Mt. Vernon.  For those of you that don’t know, Mt. Vernon was the home of our first president, George Washington.  I’d love to tell you that I so perfectly schemed the trip that I had decided to start with our first president on the first day, but let’s bring it back in to reality, people. It was a happy accident…

Mt. Vernon was really beautiful. It was a crisp but sunny day and not only did we get to tour the house and surrounding buildings, but I decided right then and there that George Washington was a brilliant man. The view of the Potomac river was gorgeous. Just ask my sister, Brittany. When I got back and made her sit through my 426 pictures, roughly an eighth of those were of the water. 🙂 Just so you can live vicariously through me, here are some pictures…


This is the main house. Huge improvement on the lawn compared to nowadays, eh?


This is a display of what it would have been like in the servant’s hall. I took this picture before people told me I couldn’t. Oops!


Here is that Potomac river I was yammering on about. Now you see what I mean, right?


I saw pictures of this garden in bloom and it’s pretty phenomenal. This is my interactive pictures for you to imagine what it would be like in all its glory. Choose your own adventure…

After visiting Mt. Vernon we drove a few more miles, got lost, and then eventually found our way to Alexandria.  It’s a little city outside of DC (very similar to Georgetown, apparently. That’s the word on the street, anyway). It’s cute and has cobblestone streets and smushed together old looking buildings and lots of really cool local places to eat. Mom and Dad let me choose this one and I kind of felt like I was in Italy. They even gave me my soda in a bottle!


The streets of Alexandria. Not ALL of them were cobbled. Can’t you just see Yankee Doodle riding his horse up these streets? I thought so.


I think that all the guys there really were brothers. They were DEFINATELY Italian. I couldn’t understand a single word they said…


 Mom and Dad enjoying lunch. Mom forgot her glasses, so I helped her choose her meal. 🙂

 That brings us to the end of day one! My feet hurt a lot but my spirits were high and ready for the next adventure!


2 thoughts on “First Things First…

  1. Katrina says:

    Great photos! I remember seeing Mount Vernon on my one and only trip to the NE and wishing I was wearing a big dress with voluminous petticoats while I walked around.

    Ellipses are very cool, as punctuation goes, but I live in constant fear of having the punctuation police penalize me for overusing them. Currently, I am a great fan of the semicolon; it is so useful for stringing ideas together, and I’m trying to use them as often as possible to replace my own bad punctuation habit–misapplied hyphens!

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