Locks and Loaded

Tonight commenced the first performance of the top 24 American Idol contestants.  I could say a lot about this 2 hour episode tonight. I could say that I loved David Archuleta’s performance and true genuine goodness that I wanted to miniture-ize him and put him in my pocket. I could say that Jason’s  performance made me “Yeager” to get rid of him. And was it just me, or were Paula’s eyebrows out of control?
But all of this takes a backseat to the overwhelming battle of tonight…not of voices, but of hair.  Man, those manes were warring tonight! So much so that I don’t remember names. I remember styles.

“Hey, dred-lock guy isn’t as bad as I thought! I actually like him DESPITE the hair!”

“Whoa! Are those hair extensions coming out of the beanie? For everyone’s sake, please never take the hat off, dude.”

“Um, is Goldilocks in the house? Quick! Get away from the porridge, guy!”

Other than the Orlando Bloom look-a-like (who, btw, probably won’t be around next week) does anyone else have a nagging feeling that at least 2 contestants look like t.v./movie stars? I just can’t nail down who they remind me of…and it’s driving me bonkers.  Here’s who I’m talking about. Guesses? I’ll take anything you got!

michael.jpg  garret.jpg

*photos taken from www.americanidol.com


5 thoughts on “Locks and Loaded

  1. Katrina says:

    Dredlocks guy was so nervous, but I really liked his performance–a lot! Michael Johns is my favorite guy at this point; that Australian accent is just a bonus.

  2. Dad says:


    I think Polly and Liz have them nailed down for you! So I won’t make any comments to that request for info!

    You mentioned Paulie…she looked like she was taking more than the music of the contestants in…didn’t it to you? Her hair was down in her eyes…slurred speach…

    Mommy and I are with ya on the picks…and the throw aways!


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