A Whole New World…

I’m the first to admit that I’m a wee bit behind the beat when it comes to technology.  However, being a college graduate, I find that I can navigate the world wide web with a fair bit of ease. 

 Some people that I’ve talked to are really hostile to Google and all it’s applications.  I call these people the elitists. Because, how on EARTH can you turn down things that make your life easier, more fun, and more efficient? I mean, really.

 Here’s a few of the parts of Google that I like…if you haven’t tried them, give them a go! What’s the worst that can happen? People stop calling you an elitist?

1.  Google Reader. My good friend Holly posted a blog about this fine program a couple of times before I finally caught on. This is an amazing feature of Google because it takes all the blogs you read (such as moi’s) and allows you to subscribe to them through Google Reader.  Basically, it’s like your own special e-newspaper comprised of all your friends, family, and random cool stranger’s posts. I love just going to one place and seeing who has updated their blog.  It’s an earth shatteringly cool time-saving thing. Trust me, your life will never be the same.

2.  iGoogle. This may sound like a selfish application, but it’s not. I just discovered this today in my attempt to learn all I could about RSS feeds for a work project. I heart iGoogle because it’s like my web desk. Basically, iGoogle allows you to create your own homepage with information and fun tools that you like. 

For instance, on my iGoogle page, I have my Gmail inbox, a slang word o’ the day, a things to do list (always with the lists…), Real Simple tips and recipes, a daily deep thought by Jack Handey, a list of the top 5 movies and a search feature to find out what is playing near my house and when, etc. The list just goes on and on!  It’s a one stop shop for all my web needs. And if that wasn’t great enough, they throw in cute “themes” to make it really pretty (although, guys, most of the backgrounds were geared towards you…so take heart).

3.  The last notable thought I have on Google is that I love Gmail. I do. I heart it. It probably goes without saying, but who am I to economize my words? 🙂

Plus, if that doesn’t sell you, just think about this: “Googled” is now a commonly used verb. When was the last time you used “Yahooed” in a sentence?


3 thoughts on “A Whole New World…

  1. Katrina says:

    I’ve been using iGoogle for a long time–ever since The Geek convinced me to start a Gmail account (what a FABULOUS Google thingy), but I only recently started using Google Reader. You’re right–I LOVE it! I catch everything–and without all the guilt of realizing that “Oops! I haven’t checked my husband’s blog in three months!”

  2. Sarah says:

    Amen! I have loved using all three applications for quite some time now. And if you haven’t already, get the Google Reader put on your iGoogle homepage – everything’s there all together. I hardly ever actually go to the Google Reader main page. 🙂

  3. Dad says:


    I guess your dad’s timely is horrible! Ya know our missionary friends, CT & Sharen Spear? They recently sent me a request to help them generate money by using another search engine.

    I tell you…I’m a Google/iGoogle fanatic, but they sent the request again, and again…so I’ve finally succumed to the appeal, since MY comfort needs to stand behind the needs of our “Soldiers of the Cross”!

    Here’s the deal. If you go out to http://www.goodsearch.com you can pick a ministry (in their case it is “McCheyne Hourglass…”). That ministry is now the default for every search. As you may know, every search you make on the web is paid for by the companies you search for. They pay the search engine companies so much per “hit” on their website. Although it’s pennies or less, with the volume it is a huge money maker for the “engine” companies. All the “GoodSearch” site does is pay your favorite charity part of that revenue! At the home site is also “GoodShopping?”. You could help them if you shop there!

    Now…as a quasi-former Google user (I still have times of relapse), you and your friends might like Google’s site for the politically correct…http://www.blackle.com . Evidently using it, saves the environment. Test it out…you’ll see what I mean! I works exactly like Google…but I wouldn’t use it as my default, if I were you, as it will drive you nuts…especially if you’re hooked on iGoogle!

    Gotta Go,

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