It’s being called…

…arguably the greatest superbowl ever.

 Eli Manning pulls it out at the last second! I won’t lie. There may have been a bit of screaming and possibly even some jumping up and down. 

 I’m so excited…and let’s face it, I just can’t hide it.  Congrats, Giants! 


Even with the win, though, I’m sad. It’s over forever (until next year). Sniff.  Bye-bye football!


4 thoughts on “It’s being called…

  1. Katrina says:

    Congrats on the jubilant victory for your team! Sadly, I was hoping to see a perfect season for the Pats end in a perfect Superbowl win, but New England just didn’t deliver. Performance anxiety?

    Anyway, I bet there is much rejoicing at the Manning family homestead tonight!

  2. Dad says:

    I’m tired…we stayed up until it was over!

    I’m with Katrina…the Manning family should be rejoicing, now that they have a Former NFL Quarterback as a Dad (Archie Manning…from the “Archie Who” fame while playing for the New Orleans Saints years ago…Grandma Haddock’s favorite Quarterback of old); a Super Bowl son in Peyton and now Eli. Now, that’s a dynasty! If you’re interested in Archie… .

    Roger Foss aside…I loved the fact that the Patriots won’t be on the same level as the 1972 Miami Dolphins!!! Tom Brady and that whole team was so full of themselves…well as scripture says, “Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall…”.

    By the way M…it’s not over until the Pro Bowl is over…and I am “Just saying…”!


  3. Liz says:

    Oh, the joy! Amy, there’s no one I would rather have been sitting by than you when Eli threw for that last glorious touchdown! 🙂 Glad we could party together! 🙂

    I heart Peyton–and of course Eli too! 🙂

    “You guys!” *foot stomp*

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