One Salting Fits All…


It is clear to me that the guy that is in charge of keeping our apartment building walkways dry and well…walkable… has a new theory on doing his job.  I’m assuming (based on empirical data) that he has decided to salt the walkways excessively the first time so that he never, ever has to salt them again. Ever.

Now, in some ways, I applaud his efficiency and ingenuity.  On the other hand, the clumping of the salt doesn’t effectively keep all of the sidewalk free of ice…only the clumped sections.  AND it is nearly impossible to keep the salt on the sidewalk and out of our small (but nevertheless important) entry way.  Plus, isn’t this just a way to increase his laziness? After all, I’m sure he’s being paid to do this service for us.  So, part of me is a bit outraged as well. I don’t know where to go with all of these feelings.

Jumping from island of salt to island of salt is a new method for me to get to my car each morning.  It keeps life fresh, I’ll give him that.

 By the way, I have now lived in Colorado long enough to have a favorite type of snow.  That’s right, folks. You heard it here first! It’s the snow that is super dry and big flakes.  It’s the kind of snow that can be swept rather than shoveled out of your driveway (though by the looks of things at our place, neither is being done). It’s the kind of snowy goodness that flits down and catches the light.  It honest-to-goodness looks like glittery diamonds on the ground.  Now, that’s my favorite snow.  Plus, I have less ice to contend with on the roads with this type of precipitation.  I’m just sayin’.


2 thoughts on “One Salting Fits All…

  1. Dad says:

    Good Morning M,

    I was astounded that you had Zero, Zip, Nada comments on this blog! You hit a nerve for your neurotic father who has to shovel snow 5 times for each weather system coming through. I can’t just wait until it’s all on the ground…I have to shovel each inch or 2, so needless to say…

    I laughed until I had tears in my eyes on this one. You must have learned well, how to scold those who aren’t meeting “The Standard” (yours). I pictured, as I read, you looking back at this mess with complete and utter disgust! 🙂 As well you should have!

    All of your comments were warranted and whomever that person is, NEEDS to read your blog and weep for his redemption!

    One question…did you write this blog with one hand on your hip and one finger typing the text and intermittently pointing your finger at him in absentia? 🙂

    Get ’em M!


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