Up next…Super Bowl Sunday…

…in one more week!

 So, the Giants and the Patriots!  I must say that even though I didn’t catch the game, the highlights of the Packers/Giants game looked phenomenal.  I really expected the Packers to take it (to which my family football pick sheet will attest) but I was excited for Eli. Now, I’m really rooting for the Giants, but I really have to wonder if they can take out the undefeated team. Here’s hoping, eh?

Also, if you are a girl (or a boy that enjoys a good chick flick…no one is judging here…) you should see the movie 27 Dresses.  It was relatively clean with a great plot and SUPER funny in parts. 

 Coming soon…a longer post that is not dominated with football verbiage. Since I have Martin Luther King Jr. day off of work tomorrow, I plan to get a lot done. 🙂



One thought on “Up next…Super Bowl Sunday…

  1. Neal Haddock says:

    I lost a little love for you on this. I can’t believe you picked the Giants over the Pats. You know how I feel about the Mannings and yet you still select them. I thought you loved me more than that. Just for the record the Giants are going to lose big time. I also think Eli will not finish the game due to the baby he is. Sorry I have to be the one to set the record straight but I know if I did not your head would have gotten even bigger.

    Almost still love you,
    Uncle Neal

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