Here’s the thing…

Fantasy football ended a few weeks ago and I finished at a solid third place.  I’m happy with how things ended and am eager for the next season to begin.  At this point, I like to think of myself as a free agent coach. 🙂

 Just so you know that I am not a total freakazoid, my Mom makes a football pool for our family. We do our “picks” and whoever wins gets gloating rights forever (until the next year).  Well, last week I did my “picks” via phone, feeling VERY John Madden and GOT THEM ALL RIGHT! Whew. Maybe I’m a football pick prodigy. Hey, NFL? I’m available for consults…

 Well, here we are in postseason.  May the best team win…I’ll be happy as long as it isn’t the Cowboys or the Raiders (not much danger of that).  I still don’t get why everyone in my life hates the Patriots. Sheesh. In any case, I have a small wager on the fact that the Colts will beat the Patriots in their next meeting.  My love for the Manning family depends on it.

 Long live football! (Side note: A perk is that football needs no writers and therefore is not affected by the writer’s strike.  You think they will extend the season??)


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