Silence is Golden

I still don’t really get what that means. I think it means that silence is worth its weight in gold…but isn’t an articulate word equally prized? I’m just sayin’…

If you know me, you know that I love music. While driving, I can almost always be heard partially down the street I am traveling on. I can’t help it, I love the beats, the lyrics, the harmonies…I love the feeling that your car is your studio and that you CAN be a drummer. Everyone sounds good singing in their car. I also sometimes have to head bob or move my shoulders to the groovy tunes. I know my sister would bury her head in her hands, but I’m a slave to the art. Can you blame me?

I recently discovered another band/artist that I LOVE. Seriously…I heart this CD. Background…I was the last to discover 4Him, D(ecent) C(hristian) Talk, and numerous other groups. I don’t know what it is, but I’m always coming in late to catch the BANDwagon. 🙂 In any case, I have recently discovered TobyMac.

Originally, I thought I wouldn’t like it because DC Talk dared to split up. I spent many an hour with Nu Thang on repeat and “Socially Acceptable” from their Free At Last tape (that’s right, it was a tape) was my first breakthrough to the world of Christian Contemporary music. So what could be better than that? I wrote all the spin-off albums off.

Turns out, I was wrong. You won’t hear that very often, because this is only about the second time I’ve been wrong in my life. So enjoy it now…I was very wrong. I love almost every track on the “Portable Sounds” CD and it is going to ROCK the HOUSE when I work out using it as my soundtrack.

Sidenote: Does anyone else ever feel like they are in a movie with a soundtrack playing in the back? I almost always feel this way at the gym and when I am getting ready for work. I think a montage plays in my head. Anyone? Anyone? Ahem. Okay then. Moving on…

I did not intend to say any of this so far…but here’s the reason for my post. Yesterday, I got in my car and I didn’t turn on my music. I didn’t pick up my cell phone (and hands-free earpiece) and call any of my friends or family. I didn’t talk at the truck that cut me off.

I just sat there in silence. All the way home, I basked it in. I don’t get how silence has a sound, but it does. It’s like a cotton ball deafening sound. And I love it. There’s so much happening in my life every second that I rarely take time to just be silent and think. I have to tell you that it was a mini-spa experience in my car that day.

I think we take silence for granted. The listening ear of a friend, the walk in the snow at night with nothing around, the lack of white noise. So, give silence a try today and see how you like it. Just be still and quiet…see what happens.

Does this mean I won’t be listening to my rad albums anymore? Now, people let’s not get crazy!

Merry Christmas! Or as we used to say at Term101…Mary Christian!


2 thoughts on “Silence is Golden

  1. Sarah Z says:

    Great Post Aim! A lot of good things come from just being still and quiet sometimes!

    As for your other comment – I often hear movie soundtracks in my head – especially when I am walking down the street late at night. 🙂

  2. Linda Haddock says:

    You have outdone yourself!! The truffle post was stupendous. You had dad and I laughing so much that tears ran down our faces!!
    You are brilliant!

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