Turkey Lurkey Trip

Turkey Lurkey day this year prompted the eternal question: Where shall I go? My West Virginia family would have loved for me to make the trek across the country by air or by sea, but we’ve learned through the years that the pricey flights make it a fool hardy venture. Plus, with my aptitude to have major layovers, I’d probably spend the whole of Thanksgiving day at an airport Burger King eating my $20 burger instead of the traditional holiday fixings.

But getting back to the question at hand…The answer seemed simple enough this year, having already elbowed my way into many a family meal/celebration of my roommate’s family. “Well, that’s settled!” I thought. That complacency was challenged when Anne came home and announced that she and her mother were driving to Texas to see their extended family. Now a new question reared its not especially ugly head: To stay or not to stay? (I like to think that this was Shakespeare’s first draft of the famous phrase…)

In the end, I made up my mind to join them in the 13 hour ride to the flatest state on the planet. If you have an affinity for said state, please avert your eyes for a few paragraphs…

I don’t get why Texas is so proud of itself. Major props go out to the state department head who thought of such a brilliant marketing plan. I wish I had been a fly on THAT wall! There’s just no reason I can think of for people to adore their state so much that they must make every conceivable item in its likelihood. Seriously, people…tortilla chips in the shape of TX?

On our way to our Thanksgiving, I saw so many flags painted on buildings, worked into brickwork, lights, etc that I lost count. If I didn’t know my American history, I would have thought TEXAS was the state that seceded from the union! (Holly – it wasn’t Texas. :))

I get that the state is big…almost as big as the belt buckles that inhabit it. Alaska, I should mention, is much bigger and its citizens seem to be more grounded. I understand that Texas is a part of the glorious south and its hospitality. I agree that they are kind and warm people. but what southern state ISN’T? I just don’t comprehend why Texans set their state so high above the rest. Other than affordable housing (which, admittedly is something), I am befuddled and lost.

Okay, diatribe over. So – a road trip! I’m no novice to its charm, having taken many in my young lifetime. I set out to prepare myself in the usual McGuiver way. Bag of books? CHECK! Scarf project? CHECK! Real Simple magazines? CHECK! Snacks, caffeine and portable DVD player? CHECK, CHECKY, CHECK CHECK! And most importantly, CDs including the coveted Christmas albums. Then, I eyed my roommate’s bag. One book in sight and no scarf peeking out of the flap. I decided at that point that this trip would be different than my predictable family excursions and vastly different than the caffeine induced college trips of yore. Uncertain, I decided to do what usually works best…stay flexible as Gumby (but not as green) and keep an open mind (even though I run the risk of things falling out).

The drive to Texas began at 1:45 PM on Wednesday afternoon and I began to realize the charm of traveling with Anne and her mom – they LIKE car games and their head doesn’t explode when you ask for a bathroom break! (Sorry, Dad…)

Other than my friend Matt, who willingly played numerous games of 20 questions in Turkey, I’ve never found someone who would go rounds and rounds of the game without some sort of upper. BUT I had never traveled with these two, who single (double?) handedly taught me “I’m thinking of…”, which they explained, when asked, as 20 questions without a LIMIT! Well, folks, I don’t mind telling you that I was blown away. Who knew?!

All in all the trip to Dallas was really fun! Anne’s family was uber welcoming and caring. We had lots of fun conversations with her family, laughter, food and blessed sleep. I was really thankful for such an awesome family to hang out with and they made the 3 days of vacation seem like weeks because of the restfulness. We met Anne’s new little niece that was adopted from the Ukraine and watched Cars with her sister, brother-in-law, nephew and niece. I also got to hang out with my friend Megan and her gorgeous daughter, Bella. It was SO great to catch up and reconnect.

I’m glad to be home in the level-headed state of Coloradoans. But I suppose I should say that perhaps Texas wasn’t so bad. But I think its the people more than anything else…



2 thoughts on “Turkey Lurkey Trip

  1. GreenEggsandSam says:


    and, ask Holly about an awesoem roadtrip game that is so fun and can make hours in the car FLY bay…it’s called ‘and that reminds me of…’

  2. Greg, Niki & Addie says:

    OK, you’re funny…. but step lightly Haddock. We may be Texans at some point in the future and forced to defend the honor of a state that did nothing to you to bring on such a “diatribe.” However, Greg agrees with most of what you said. Of course.

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