I tried to wait. I really did try. In deference to 98% of people in my life that like to start celebrating Christmas AFTER Thanksgiving (c’mon, people, it’s a mere forecasting of what it is come! That’s when there’s something to be thankful about!) I attempted to hold my horses. But those pesky fillies got the best of me again. Darn non-equestrian that I am.

Here’s the thing. I’ve already read 2…count ’em 2…blog posts on the Starbucks red cups signaling the start of Christmas joy and merriment. While I think that Starbucks kind of jumped the gun, that’s a bit like the pot calling the kettle black seeing as how I had determined weeks before my strategy to maximize the holiday season.

I think you should join me in this…it’s going to be a lot of fun. And it’s not like I’m not giving you plenty of notice! Here’s the plan for Christmas Plan 2007…there’s only going to be one of these, so pay attention.

1. I resolve that the majority of my CD playing will be Christmas music from Thanksgiving to Christmas

2. I resolve that the majority of my reading will be Christmas books

3. I resolve to watch ELF at least 3 times during the season and introduce others to it’s finer workings

4. I resolve to actually write a Christmas letter and send it out on my own like a big girl. No, this year will not be the year of the missing stamps, OR the year of 1/2 the list because I ran out of time. This year will be DIFFERENT. I’ll bring people up-to-date if it KILLS me. (Now that’s the spirit, eh?)

5. I resolve to burn my Yankee Christmas Cookie Candle at least halfway down. This takes considerable effort as I can no longer burn it at work. Something about a fire hazard…

6. I resolve to say Merry Christmas to check out people as much as possible. If they have no Christmas spirit, I’ll just sing…*

5. I will maximize my use of the red Starbucks cup by drinking my seasonal peppermint mocha…but not TOO much so that it still stays special

*See ELF

So there you have it. Amy’s Plan for Maximum Holiday Enjoyment. Please add to the list in your comment and I’ll attempt to widen my Christmas horizons.

Also, because of the guilty feeling I have for publishing this post “out of season” (is there a LICENSE for that??!) I will post about Thanksgiving in one of my following posts. I’ll be taking a crazy, college-type road trip and if I am alive at the end of it all, you will have details. I swear.

Until then, live like it’s Christmas but don’t breathe a word of it to anyone else lest the Christmas-after-Thanksgiving naysayers are in ears length. Trust me on this one…the repercussions are great and not to be messed with.


4 thoughts on “Falalalalalalalala

  1. Sarah Z says:

    I am positive that your singing will definitely put the check out people in a better mood, especially if you dance as well! šŸ˜‰

  2. Sarah says:

    Haha…love the Christmas spirit. I heartily agree with your Christmas plan and will say so within earshot of anyone. =) I have, in fact, been listening to Christmas music since September so I am right there with you.

  3. Greg, Niki & Addie says:

    You Rock.
    Really enjoyed this post.
    I would like to add to your list: Decorating! A whole house-full of NEW and pretty things to look at!
    I will make every effort to do you proud and burn my Christmas Cookie candle in oneness with you- Christmas sister!

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