Brush with Fame…

So, up until this point in my life my brushes with famous people have been slim. The best one, perhaps, was that I saw Pierce Brosnan running on Malibu Beach. I’ve also seen Mark Paul Gosslar (Saved by the Bell), Simon from 7th Heaven, Ruthie from 7th Heaven and seen a few sitcoms shot in Santa Clarita, CA. Maybe more than your average gal, but still nothing overtly amazing.

Tonight, though, was a totally different story. Go back in time with me, if you will, to about a week ago. No…I think we have to go back further. About a month ago, my cubical-mate Liz sent out an email to all of us at work. Apparently, one of our authors Louie Giglio was going to be in the Denver area as a part of the “How Great is Our God” tour with Chris Tomlin. I decided that it would be fabulous to take part in such an outing and hastily secured my spot via email. (It’s not like she could keep me out…after all, I know where she works! :)) Liz bought the tickets, I invited a few friends and 5 of us were locked in. (sounds like voting, doesn’t it?!?)

Now, about a week ago I was sorting through the emails that come through our general email box. Mostly, I get the same 5 questions over and over and multiple requests for free books to weed through. I also appreciate the fact that some of these people clearly are not on the same plane with the rest of us Americans…and I readily admit that sometimes I have to laugh. C’mon, people! You really think we are going to give you MOVIE RIGHTS to one of our books? In general I enjoy this task because it provides light-hearted reprieve from my other responsibilities. Last week, I received some praise from a reader for one of Louie’s books. I dutifully and joyfully forwarded the complimentary comments to the email we had on file for Louie and heard back from his assistant thanking me and assuring me that she would forward it on.

*sidebar: Now, I know that if you open someone else’s snail mail it is a federal crime. But what about email? Who is protecting me from this??

Ahem. Going back to the story at hand…I emailed the assistant back and long story short (I know you don’t have all night/morning) I obtained meet and greet passes for all 5 of us to go backstage after the show and meet Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio! I was excited, for sure, but my co-workers were even more so, if you can believe that! I basked in the rays of everyone’s gratitude that I was able to procure such an esteemed item and went back to work assuring a concerned emailer that yes there WAS a link for the book Chazown and that he should hold his horses and I would give it to him. Maybe I didn’t say it in those terms EXACTLY, but I think we understand each other.

Tonight was the night. And can I just say that I’ve come a long way from the girl that plastered her closet walls with pictures of Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Jonathan Brandis and Rider Strong?? I really was excited to meet them and interact a bit with them, but was grounded in the fact that they were just men, just like everyone else and that the Lord just was using them in different ways than the opportunities he gave to me. Now, it’s not like I didn’t NOTICE that Chris was single and short and could sing…but, having learned from my previous crush on JTT (I went a few days being a vegetarian because he was CONVINCED that he would notice me…as you can imagine, I was crushed when he never called), I was pretty sure there was not going to be a lasting relationship over a signed copy of “Arriving”.

I’m pretty sure the look on his face is just pure astonishment at my wit and beauty…don’t you??

My co-workers Lindsey and Liz with Louie Giglio

A few things to note:

1. I enjoyed the worship concert much more than I had ever anticipated. It was an amazing night and I was able to worship with fewer inhabitions than I normally do…Besides the two male back-up type singers who couldn’t dance and were a bit distracting, it was SUCH a well done event.

2. I appreciated Louie’s sermon on the greatness of God and it made me feel like I was back at TMC listening to Francis Chan tell me that, “God has a plan and he is in control of the universe. Now, you may have a better plan…but you don’t have a universe.” It was a much needed reminder of how small I am and how great He is.

3. I’m happy to report that while at the meet and greet, all 5 of us acted with decorum and dignity while we interacted with Chris and Louie. Just so we’re clear, though, we all dissolved into girlish giggles once we were safely in the car on the ride home.

All in all, though, it turns out that the night wasn’t really about Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio. It was more about worship and returning to that place of kneeling before the God of the universe. As I said…a light year away from my JTT days. 🙂

It’s 12:10 PM…so I’m going to bed. Sorry I’m lame and haven’t posted for just shy of a month…I’ll get better, I promise. Also, don’t be fooled. I’m writing this post tonight, but will wait until later to post it so that I can include pictures/documentation of the evening.

Goodnight ColoRADO SPRINGS!!


One thought on “Brush with Fame…

  1. Greg, Niki & Addie says:

    OH MY WORD! You are soooo cool. Wait till I show this to Greg! He’s gonna die!

    btw- is your hair different? I really like it.

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