Taking Out The Trash Day

Just a little phrase I picked up from my political studies…aka a West Wing episode. šŸ™‚ Here’s a few things going on with me:

So, there I was…walking around purposefully in Target. If you know me, you know that this is not an unusual pastime. I maintain that Target is my “happiest place on earth”. After all, where else can you find cute clothes, great gift ideas, and jewelry and home furnishings with style? Not many places, really. Wal-Mart does have better prices, I will give my nay-sayers that…however, Target is far superior in style.
Anyway, as I was saying. I was meandering through Target looking for a birthday card for a birthday party I was attending (that, just in case you were wondering, is the best place to GIVE a birthday card). Then I saw it! A sign reminding the absent-minded employee that Tuesday was Boss Day. I thought to myself “Self, I can’t believe there is such a thing as Boss day. If we celebrated every holiday on our calendar, you would barely have to work! This, of course, would diminish a reason for Bosses Day in general…now, how did I get here? Oh, yes. Boss Day. Well, since there is no way at this point to change the Julian calendar, you need to plan something for your fabulous Boss. Plus, it’s fun to buy things for people.”
Having completed my internal conversation to a point that I felt comfortable with the conclusion, I set quick action to my plan getting increasingly excited. (What can I say? I’m weird like that) I picked out a card for my boss and decided to pow-wow with my co-worker about getting flowers for the big day.
Being the helpful and thorough person that I am, I decided that the only right thing to do would be to share the information that the Target sign so willingly shared with me. I told various co-workers about said holiday coming around the corner.
On the eve of Boss Day, I stopped by Whole Foods to get some pretty flowers. This is the only acceptable place in Colorado Springs as they do not have a Trader Joe’s. (sniff!) I purchased some bright and beautiful Gerber daisies for the occasion and spent the later part of the evening arranging the flowers to pull out their best sides (For those of you not in “the know”, the best side is defined by having more petals than it’s opposing side). I went to great effort to transport the flowers in the morning, getting my co-workers signatures on the various cards and placing the objects of our esteem on their desks.
Having accomplished this feat, I sat down at my desk refreshed and ready to work another day. I began my to-do list by looking at my calendar for the next month and a feeling of dreaded horror struck me in the bottom of my roiling stomach.
Turns out, Boss Day is actually October 16th.
Be forewarned.
Fantasy Football
There was really only one thing that could console me after my Bronco’s loss on Sunday…the fact that the opposing quarterback was actually working for me on my Fantasy Football team. This is a little thing that my business books like to call a “win-win”. Here’s how it breaks down.
If the Bronco’s win, I win because I love them so much that happiness floods my soul at their victory. If the Bronco’s lose, then I win because it is likely that they lost because my Fantasy Football QB stole the show, thereby racking up some buco points for me.
I’d be hard pressed to tell you which win I would have enjoyed more, because I do feel a love for my FF team that surpasses previous years. Maybe because this year, I have spent more time than prior seasons combined already on my little guys.
I am such a humble person, that someone else will have to tell you that I am now in the #2 slot in my league. If I were not so self-abasing I would tell you of the glee that filled my being this morning as I checked on my stalwart team’s progress. Yep, you’ll have to hear it elsewhere, because as Proverbs admonishes…pride goes before a fall.
Women’s Retreat
This weekend, I went into the woods for our church retreat – not by mySELF, of course! There could be BEARS out there!
Besides the many wonderful spiritual convictions that flew at me, I learned a little more about myself in general this weekend – I discovered that I am no longer of the age or health to sleep on camp bunk beds.
Let me paint the scene for you- I slid (literally) into my sleeping bag and zipped it halfway up. I couldn’t zip it ALL the way up because you always need to leave room for a fast getaway. Especially with the bears in the vicinity. I then laid my head down on my pillow, only to find that my neck was not in the chiropractor recommended “neutral” position. It, in a word, was cricked.
I tried folding it repeatedly, only to find out that pillow has a mind of it’s own. I almost knocked it’s stuffing out, but how neutral would my neck be THEN? I finally resigned myself to to the truth that I was stuck with this situation (I made my bed, and now I had to lie in it).
This is when the slippery-ness came into play. The sleeping bag should come with gripper pads. My pillow shot across the room (okay, to be real, it really only slid onto the floor) and by morning, my sleeping bag was on the fritz.
This was night one of two. Night two consisted of a move to an upper bunk, despite my falling calamities as a child, due to an invader of the peace. IOTP (Invader of the Peace) was a mouse. I never did see said mouse, but I did see the little “presents” he left for me on my mattress. AND, it must have been related to Mighty Mouse because my cough drop wrappers were no match for him. As I climbed into my perch, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was deluding myself that the IOTP couldn’t find me there, I tossed and turned until my bleary eyes opened at 7:10 AM and the room alarm clock prodded me out of bed.
In all, though, it was a good weekend of fun, fellowship and learning…plus some game-playing, which we all know that I love TOO much. Here’s a few pictures…


One thought on “Taking Out The Trash Day

  1. mom says:

    I know I don’t check this often enough, but I want you to know that when I do it is certainly worth it. You crack me up. Pamela is right, you should be writing. The one about your sisters and the chores made me cry it was so funny. You are very talented.
    Proud Mom

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