FF and GS (you’ll see later)

There’s a reason that my roommate is singing “Let it Snow!” this fine evening. And even though she’s made clear that she would LIKE for it to snow (something about liking it and wanting to snowboard), it’s a new reason.

First, a little background. Last winter, as most of you know, was a hard winter for the Coloradan. And while there is much debate as to whether or not this is the “new normal” for our state as a whole (thanks for that gem, Oprah!) or if last year was the weirdest year on the face of the planet…well, let’s just say I’m not qualified to make that determination. Others seem quite forceful in their opinions. I am choosing, at this point, to stay out it. Mostly because I don’t think I can affect any change that I really want and also because I will almost surely be discounted as a Californian for any theory that I choose to back.

But, let’s get to the point, shall we? There’s only so many minutes in one’s life, and here I am wasting some of yours. Ahem…soooo, last winter my roommate and I spent a lot of time snowed in our apartment. When I first moved in, my landlord let me know that there was a pool, heat, and a fireplace that would have to be turned on by the utility company or a fireman. I personally, liked the idea of the fireman better as by their very occupation they are hot. And by hot I mean, running into blazing buildings, people! And just like that, there I go wasting your precious minutes again!

When things started to get a little frosty last winter, I called my trusty utility company to get them to come turn on the fireplace. Turns out, I wasn’t their top priority. They scheduled a few times to come which I waited for with bated breath, with nothing happening. My roommate and I have a few jokes about our current place of residence. On any particular snowy morning, we would say, “Hey, let’s just sit by the fire and read!” knowing very well that there was no way this was going to come to fruition.

THIS year, we decided, would be different. Before all of the OTHER folks in our area decided that it was time for THEIR fireplaces to be turned on, we would put in our request. So far, I hadn’t done anything about it.

Episode 1 – The Gas Scare
Fast forward to last night. I walked out of my room, headed toward the kitchen and the ice water that my parched lips wanted. On the way, I encountered the smell of gas. Not trusting my nose as half of it is plugged, I got my roommate out of bed and had HER smell. She decided I was right. We turned off the gas furnace for the five minutes the panel said to adhere to, and then turned everything back on with no result. We left it off and marched ourselves off to bed. (I, of course, called my friend Greg to make certain that I was not about to die in my sleep)

I called the utility company bright and early this morning and was informed that they have a 24-hour service and could accommodate me after working hours. I’m telling you, cable and phone companies should take note! I was thrilled out of my gourd. I placed my request for an after 6 PM audience with said gas man and got a call at 9:48 PM that he was on his way.

He came out and checked everything (which was all in good working order, Mom and Dad) and Anne and I cajoled him into turning our fireplace on. We feel quite pleased with ourselves and Anne promptly broke into song. We win. The end.

Episode 2: Fantasy Football
Can I just say how much I love fantasy football? Well, I do. But here’s a few reasons I’m not very good at it…

1. I’m not that familiar with other team’s players. I was/am a Bronco Fan and know all/most of THEM, but I’ve found that having all of the players of one team on a fantasy football team is not only ill-advised, but ALSO practically impossible with the way the draft occurs.

2. The harder I try, the worse my team does. I’ve really tried…I bought Football for Idiots not considering myself an idiot, but perhaps only a novice in knowing all there is to know about this particular sport. I mean, I enjoy the basics and of course the bone-crunching action, but it took me a while to understand the two-point conversion. I also read up on all my players…I traded some of the unlucky ones out for players that were “scheduled” to get more points.

3. I can’t really smack-talk that well.

4. I am usually not up to make trades (although I know it is a vital part of football – fantasy and otherwise) because I’m convinced that the other player has more information than me and is just trying to pull the wool over my eyes. This may or may not be true, but given my fellow players, I’m leaning toward the true.

5. I most likely will forget about checking it halfway through the season. You know when you can’t make changes? Um, when the game is actually being played, that’s when. And that’s when it inevitably is brought to my mind. Now, we’d have a whole DIFFERENT game if they let us do that. It’d be more like the stock market…

Nevertheless, I enjoy it immensely and I also am glad for the players that they get the shot to stand alone, since it’s usually such a team thing. 🙂

El Fin.


One thought on “FF and GS (you’ll see later)

  1. Pamela says:

    You know, Amy, I was just thinking……….you really should be writing a funny column for a newspaper or some type of weekly/monthly publication. Most of your posts are just really very funny and extremely entertaining! We actually have a soldier’s wife down the street from our house who writes a weekly column for the Frontiersman, (Palmer Wasilla newspaper). Her stories usually pertain to her everyday life with her two children while her husband is in Iraq. Your stories remind me somewhat of hers.

    By the way, do you have an email address where I can send you a message? My email is cruicialfaith99@hotmail.com. Now doesn’t that email address bring back memories? LOL!

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