Way back when, in a Californian city far far away lived a duchess named Amy. Why a duchess, you ask? Well, they get to be nobility and have all of those perks…wearing the pretty, flow-y dresses, going to all the parties, living in fun manors with thousands of acres – all without the pressure of being a princess.

Ahem…but what I really wanted to say was…a few years ago I had a roommate who brought home an interesting time-waster. Basically, it was a medium sized oval board that when placed over a big hard pipe “roll” was designed to help one learn balance for surfing. I spent many a minute on that board rolling back and forth, trying to attain the “hang ten” ease that I admired in so many of my peers. All to no avail. Although I improved dramatically from when I began, I never did get to test my skills on an actual surf board…and I’m pretty sure that if I HAD, I would not have come out unscathed.

No matter…today I made up for it in a whole different way. I’m sure that you have all heard of the phrase “Surfing the Web”. Well, I never really got the analogy until now. I opened up my instant messenger today and signed on. As usual, the box full of multiple links to different web stories surfaced. What the heck, I thought. I’ll click on a few and become wiser about the things going on in the world. So, I tenuously clicked on the first heading cleverly entitled Diaper-free Babies. I must say it was the title, more than the subject matter that interested me (having no children and all). Diaper-free Babies? I thought, Who comes UP with this stuff? And so it began.

From there, I clicked on a link about Hillary Clinton appearing on Ellen (nice try, Hil, but you aren’t getting me with that one!). Then I went to an interesting link about High School Musical 2 and from there clickety clacked my way to a page about a Miss Teen USA contestant’s bizarre answer in the competition. And then it hit me…I was SURFING! From one page to another with nary a space in between browses.

So this is what Surfing the Web is all about! I gleefully shouted to myself internally. This is what I’ve been missing out on for so many years! Now, not to say that I will have this much free time again in the near future, but I am glad to be on board with the English language again.

Ha!! On board…that’s a good one…


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