A Clacker in the Making

Hello, all. It’s about 9:30 PM here in Colorado and I’m feeling good and also hydrated. I love ice…

Tonight I joined the YMCA. It was a very exciting step for me, made possible by my employer and the “Health and Fitness” beneft. Gotta love big companies!!

I spent about 45 minutes there with friends riding the bike, doing this weird semi-eliptical machine and weights. Weights intimidate me, I must say, but with a few tips from my expert friends, I was good to go! The smell of the room reminded me of our old wrestling gym and my days as a cheerleader. Now, I’d like to think I was keeping up with the body-builder/military/kung fu guy next to me, but I think he might have been lifting more than 5 lbs. 🙂

Normally, we would have gone to Hip Hop class, but ALAS! Our teacher Vanessa was out and the salsa teacher was subbing and they had already started, hence the “Plan B”.

Totally unrelated, but let me let YOU in on a story that was forming in my brain today.

Rewind 5 months to the FABULOUS month of March, home of my birthday, St. Patrick’s Day AND my sister’s wedding. This was my first time being IN a wedding as a maid of honor, so I was “honor” bound to live by the bride’s wishes regarding clothing, etc. In preparation for such a momentous occasion, I went and purchased something that is pretty foreign to my closet…high heel shoes. Now, it’s not that I can’t appreciate the subtle complexities of a height increase. Believe me, I understand the value of it!

For me, the high heel has been the archnemesis of my friend, foot comfort. However, for the wedding, I was sure I had found the perfect shoe that would display my feet in the elegant way befitting someone of my title. They are awfully cute…and they went with the design of the dress.

On the day of the wedding, I managed to walk down the aisle and get up the stairs without any embarrassing fumbles, only to find that my greatest challenges would be standing in one place for 20 minutes. If I didn’t have the ceremony distracting me (and causing me to well up with an amount of water that I didn’t know was possible for a human being to expend out of their eyes), I would have died. I’m certain of it.

As soon as we got to the reception, those puppies were cast off of my feet and I was sure that I would NEVER put them on again. Live and learn, right?

Fast forward to my job interview for Multnomah a month ago. Clogs just didn’t seem appropriate footwear for my carefully selected ensamble and my sequined Indian moccassin type shoes also seemed a little out of place, so out came the heels.

Since that time, I’ve worn them frequently, must to the dismay of my squinched toes. I know there is such a thing as comfortable high heels, but to me it seems like an oxymoron. There is such an art to wearing high heels well and I must say that I don’t think I’ve mastered yet (I think other passerbys would agree). I feel like I’m clomping forward, trying to be sophisticated, rather than actually BEING sophisticated.

I do feel a responsibility, though, to continue in the pursuit of high heel walking mastery. I am, after all, over a quarter of a century old and let’s be honest – I DO need the height. I think I just need to lean back and give a little more attitude than I’m currently giving.

As they say, attitude goes a long way! If that’s true, then far be it from me to stand (or walk) in the way of progress.


One thought on “A Clacker in the Making

  1. Pamela says:


    This blog was a trip – no pun intended! High heels were invented my some man somewhere who hates women – I am sure of that!

    Since you love to blog so much, maybe you can use some of your time in answering some questions:

    Have you ever heard from Ejona?

    I guess Lindsey is married since you were in her wedding. But, where are your mom and dad and Brittany?

    Are you still in touch with anyone from high school days?

    And, do you eer think about visiting Alaska again?

    I guess that will do for now.

    Take care.

    Mrs. T.

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