I Can See Clearly Now…

…the rain is gone.

So, I’ve passed the 1 week mark at work and am well on my way to surpassing the 2nd week as well. I think if I were going to have been eaten by wolves, I would have by now. Don’t you think?

Here’s the thing about starting at the beginning of August…everyone is in the middle of a vacation, on their way to a vacation or just returning home from a vacation. It’s been a little ghost-town like in my neck of the office…until today, that is. Today seemed like the mass entrance for all returning home conquerors of relaxation.

There were pictures of new babies, scenery and wedding photos gallore. The halls hummed with the tales of various travels…and it reminded me that I really don’t know anyone at all. This was only heightened with an experience of going to lunch with a few girls from the office.

It’s just an awkward experience sometimes to get to know a number of people in a short amount of time…I forgot how weird it feels to be the outsider. You would think I would have remembered from moving to different schools my whole life! Being the “new girl” has its hype, but it wears off relatively quickly (like within 2 weeks?). 🙂

On the upside, though…I found out that for my job I get to post excerpts of all the books into our database. This feeds into websites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble (no pressure, right??) So BASICALLY I get paid to read. 🙂 This is SO the best job ever…and with time, I think it will only get better.


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