It’s Time…

Okay, so I’ve been out of college about 4 years now. I have grown as a person. I now know things like how to pay bills, what to look for in an apartment-mate, what is important in a lease so that your landlord can’t get away with not patching a leaky ceiling that expands every time it rains, and how to deal with car insurance when your car is no longer the shiny, complete, and functional motor vehicle that it once was.

I’ve learned things that college never even taught me. I’ve brandished my degree on resumes and I’m pretttyyy sure that it was influential in landing me my first job (at least I hope so, or all that crap about getting-an-education-because-it-moves-you-along-further-along-in-life is all for naught).

Know what I haven’t done? Consolidate my 5 student loans. Yep! Now, it’s not because I haven’t tried, mind you. i have tried a few times to do it. Something has been holding me back…okay – it was me. Let’s face it, there are two things that I don’t understand (well, there are probably more than two, but for the purposes of this blog, let’s just say two, okay?). Those things are Student Loan Consolidation and Health Insurance. People in this industry make it SO DARN HARD to figure out what the heck is going on. I’ll leave the health insurance schpiel (spelling?) to Michael Moore, but seriously – can’t someone get together and make a resource for people that haven’t taken classes and had certification in student loan finance-ese? Please?

Well, given that I did a budget (again) and realized that I should cut my monthly expenses, I realized that I have been putting off doing this consolidation. And you have to understand that when I say that I “realized”, it did take a supreme perfected effort to ignore the fact that I needed to consolidate, given that several people currently mock me about it…

So, I took the plunge and did my application online with Sallie Mae. I signed and submitted it today. I am asking you all to hold me accountable – I’ll be posting if I hear from them and what requirements I have to do (you know – blood of the first born child, original birth certificates, a certifiable bond) and then hopefully this will be the last and final time I have to have this numerical cloud hanging over my head. One can only hope…

Here goes nothing! 7th time is a charm!


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