The Skinny (not the jeans…)

So, it’s been a while since I posted last! I have to be honest and tell you all in confidence (so no blabbing!) that I really just haven’t felt in a “blogg-y” mood. Now, my family might disagree with me, but I don’t think I’m a moody person in general. However, when it comes to this method of communication, I have to feel sufficiently impassioned about a post in order to really carry it off in true Amy style…that’s different from Big Willy style, for those of you taking notes. Therefore, my blogging has been inhibited by my state of mind.

Though there hasn’t been much on the blog to signify it, a lot has changed with me recently. Well, really one big thing has changed…my employment situation. After working at my current employer ever since I graduated from college, I am leaving to pursue a new line of work. I’m going to take to the stage…I hear they get great make-up. Just kidding of course…

I’m going to start working in publishing as a marketing assistant! I start on 8/1/07 and I am stoked about the whole thing. Certain un-named sources have suggested that I use my new position to try and put this blog into a book. While I don’t really think that will be happening any time soon, I AM excited about the possibility of branching out into a new industry and seeing what I’m made of. There are so many options for me and I get so excited just thinking about it. After my first interview with said company, I told my Dad, “This is the job I never knew I always wanted!” And while I can’t really shake that nagging feeling that it is a line from a movie (maybe that stage thing IS an option!) it was a moment of realization for me.

I’m so glad that I had the chance to work at my current employer. It’s been so good and so stretching for me to be there. At times it was the best of times, at times it was the worst of times (to steal a bit from Charles Dickens), but all in all the Lord wanted me there for a reason and I’m glad to have made some friends and gained some skills along the way.

Now, I’m looking forward to the future and trying to brace myself for the transition that is sure to happen from one industry to another and from small business to larger-than-life business. Luckily (or blessedly), my new boss seems to be amazing and I’m sure they will help me get up to snuff as soon as is humanly possible. After all, it’s in their best interest, right??

Thanks for all of you that have prayed with me and for me through these last few weeks and who have given me all sorts of stellar advice to live by. If I ever DO write a book, you’ll be in the credits for sure. No telling if it will be invisible ink or not, but the important thing is YOU know, right?


One thought on “The Skinny (not the jeans…)

  1. Leah says:

    I’m so excited for you Amy! I will live vicariously through your new career, as I am also desiring something new and exciting but don’t know what yet. Thanks to Google Reader, I can keep up to date on your blog entries and absorb your exciting life :). BTW, I always enjoy reading your blogs. They put a smile on my face. Miss and love you, Leah

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