Yesterday night I was talking with my sister on the phone laying on my back on my bed. At the end of the call for some unearthly reason I accidently dropped my cell phone on my nose. I’m fairly certain that it’s broken.

My mom (the nurse) laughed at me when I suggested that it might be shattered. SHE said that it didn’t have enough FORCE to break my nose. Um, Mom? I was there. It had force. Trust me.

Since then I have had no trouble breathing which is, I suppose, a good sign. My sister Lindsay also laughed at me when I explained to her that my nose could be bent beyond recognition. SHE said “I think you would KNOW if your nose was BROKEN.” Thanks for that gem, Lindsay. Your support means everything to me.

You will ALL be sorry if someday they can trace all my physical problems to bone fragments jammed into the back of my head. Do you hear me? You will alllllll be sorry.


4 thoughts on “P.S.

  1. mom says:

    I have finally caught up with your life (didn’t even know you went to a baseball game). So, here are a few random comments!
    What do you mean almost 5 years since you graduated? You graduated in May, so wouldn’t that be 5 years?
    I love the desk, it is a great bargain!! Had Anne never been garage saleing? I am sad I haven’t gone yet, either.
    Mosquito is spelled as I spelled it…not mesquito….fyi.
    Thanks for portraying me to the outside world as a non-caring mom about your near nose fracture, ha.

    Herbie looks pretty good – Grandma Mabel and Na-Na would be proud…I, on the other hand, have solidly about killed an azalea – just ask Dad or Brit.
    I love you way too much!
    P.S. please answer my questions

  2. DaddyInWV! says:


    Do you know why you have the nickname M. As of this evening…it comes from the whole word beginning with the first letter…M.

    Do you wish I would tell you the word?? I’m thinking about telling you. Well, I’ve thought about it…I think I will tell you.

    But first, I hope your nose is better!

    I can see how a 2.5 ounce object, falling 2.5 inches could knock your nose to the back of your skull and have it burst into a thousand fragments.

    Second…I would just like to mention that you talk into a cell phone with it on your ear. You are NOT to sniff it! It doesn’t smell good. Especially with your nose on it.

    Third…a cell phone isn’t something to lie down with. It is to talk into (your parents prefer to be the call target…but we know you have a target rich environment with all your church friends).

    Fourth…if you would have put Carmex on your lips (or as you call them…rips), they would have swollen enough to soften the blow of the cell phones’ long… hard…2.5 inch fall.

    Lastly, I would just like to say…I get a real giggle out of your melodrama!

    That brings me back to where the initial “M” comes from…

    I have cleverly disclosed what the M stands for in one of the previous two paragraphs.

    Now seriously M. I do love and miss you greatly. Reading your blog is a real blessing! So much so, that I finally broke down and signed up as a Google User…DaddyinWV!

    Congratulations on your…well you know…

    With All My LOVE,
    Your Dad!

  3. Pamela says:

    NOW I know for sure where your sense of humor came from, M!!! LOL! Your posts are a real gas….and I do mean that in a very good way. God bless you “muchly”!

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