Swing, Batta’ Batta’

Well, all the way through college there were multiple opportunities to go to Dodger games and TMC baseball games. I never chose to go and offered up multiple explanations to excuse myself from participating in the sport but I’m about to give you the unabridged, E True Hollywood story. I never went because I always thought of baseball as long and boring. I mean let’s face it…it doesn’t have the bone crunching action of football now, does it? Now, I conceed that it takes GREAT skill to play the sport. I just don’t find it particularly riveting.
However, I became the “ticket table” girl at church this last Sunday for a Sky Sox game that our church was getting tickets for. In the course of fulfilling my various tasks (taking money, counting people, etc) I also decided to throw caution to the wind and attend. After all, I would be in good company and I can’t really say I dislike something until I try it, right? Right.
So this Friday night, off to the game I went…and I discovered I was right all along. It was a long and boring game but it was very fun to sit and talk with my friends throughout the game and enjoy the fireworks after. I can’t complain about that. But I do think that the guy that makes comfortable bleachers will make a million dollars…
I had the typical baseball game experience complete with singing “Take me Out to the Ball Game”. The only thing I didn’t do is eat a hot dog at the game…I hate hot dogs so why spend the money just for a good photo op? Here’s some pictures from the momentous occasion!

Tracy, Holly and I get ready to enter the stadium…I decide to pretend I am a diva. Pretty convincing, eh?

I was really there, folks…

Pastor Lance (aka Ansel Adams), Leighann and little Lukey. I love this little guy!

Need some peanuts or craker jacks? This guy is your man!


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