I discovered I like Gatorade..and other important items

Hello all of you out there in the blog reading community… Good to talk at you again! πŸ™‚

A few things of interest (hopefully)…
1. I’ve been meeting with my friends Tracy and Holly to go through Elisabeth George’s book, “Loving God with All Your Mind”. We finished up last week (sniff!) and given the fact they are teachers and stuff, they are taking off to go home for the month of July. This finished up the last weekly commitment I have until Fall when Lifegroup, choir, and everything else starts up again. I thought I’d make mention of it because in my life, it’s rare that I actually FINISH everything I start and it feels good to have finished the book and talking it through with my friends. I highly recommend it! BTW, sorry for the fuzziness of the picture…I’m supa’ sad it came out so unfocused, but maybe we can think of it as artistic?? Thanks a million! πŸ™‚

2. Our friend Mark got a job in Denver and is moving in mid-July. To send him off in style with the whole gang, we had a bar-b-que in Garden of the Gods and played a little frisbee golf late into the night. It was a ton of fun…except the frisbee golf part where we were tramping through tall weeds and foliage and crossing our fingers that there were no snakes or other unpleasant creature under our feet…Here’s a few pictures…

Here’s the gang: from the back of the picnic table all the way around – Bart, Amy, Tracy, Holly (around the tree stump) Eric, Anthony, Mark (in front of the tree stump) Julianne, Kate.

Bart, Tracy and Amy (what a great name!)

Isn’t the view beautiful? This is what makes all the crazy CO weather worth it!

3. One of the things I miss most about being in California is garage sale-ing with my friends Greg and Niki. We made such a great team…Greg was the expert parallel parker, Niki took care of navigating, and I brought the “Are you sure you don’t have room for that awfully cute, extremely well priced item?” dimension to the group. I did get to a few sales last weekend with my roommate, though and it felt good to get back in the game πŸ™‚ Our garage sale adventures included my roommate Anne saying, “Garage sales? That’s better than Wal-mart!” In any case, on our way to lunch, we stumbled across a garage sale where I bought the below item for…guess how much? Only $10! I plan to either distress it or repaint it and add some new hardware to make it more “amy-ish”. I’m stoked!


One thought on “I discovered I like Gatorade..and other important items

  1. Greg, Niki & Addie says:

    GREAT FIND!!! Wow, it has so much potential!!!! Post the pictures of the finished project, OK????

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