No more teacher, no more books…

So, it’s been almost 5 years since I graduated from college. Whoa, where does the time go?? There was a lot of pressure on me as an incoming freshman to choose my major and start my coursework in style (they obviously didn’t know the style I possessed naturally).

At some point between applying to the college and actually attending it I changed my major from Teacher Education to Biblical Counseling. Now, as I watch my roommate-the-teacher prepare for her vacation of 5 days and the responsibilities of her job over and done with I am left to wonder if perhaps I made a hasty choice?

Granted, the field of life insurance of which I am now a part is so COMPLETELY related to counseling that I am certain my major was not misjudged. What the heck are we doing, people?

I, unlike most people, didn’t change majors during college. I was told I would go through several majors before finding the right one. Once again, “they” proved themselves woefully inept at knowing my stellar loyalty to any given task I pick up… 🙂 I stuck with counseling all the way through and graduated in all my laude something-or-other glory!

Sidebar: why in the world can’t we use regular languge in graduation ceremonies? And doesn’t MAGNA cum laude seem much higher an honor than SUMA cum laude? When I think “magna” I think of the Magna Carta and the word Magnificent. When I think “suma” all that comes in my head (and quickly out again) is the image of sumo wrestlers…ew.

On the other hand…teachers work harder than anyone I know – maybe they deserve the break? The knowlege doesn’t make it any easier, believe me I know, but it takes all types to make the world go ’round. Yeah, you just keep tellin’ yourself that…


One thought on “No more teacher, no more books…

  1. Tricia says:

    Amy… thanks for the laugh here about your thoughts on suma cum laude… I needed that to finish out a day!! LOL! Miss you!

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