Yep, still alive!

And I’m not talking about me (although I am alive, well and typing this blog…). I’m talking about Herbert the plant. I haven’t killed him yet!!
Now, to be honest, Herbie might have been dead by now if it wasn’t for the fact that he is on the porch with all ANNE’s plants, which she waters faithfully and some of that watering miiiight have gotten into Herbies planter by accident. Hey, can I help it if she’s willy nilly with the water?! Then again, since Anne is so good at watering flowers, maybe subconsiously I know that and therefore subconsiously I “let go and let Anne”. 🙂 Wow, my subconscious is pretty active, eh?

So, I apologize for being remiss as to wait so long to show you Herbert’s growth, but I think you’ll agree that it was worth the wait. I do feel compelled to tell you that Herbie has outgrown his “straw aparatus” and has moved on to some wicker croquet hooky lookin’ things. Anne’s mother donated them to me (and to Herbie) as a gift…Herbie is very thankful for them as now he is able to climb upward towards the warm rays of the sun. 🙂

Oh! P.S. – Anne’s Aunt Lois donated a really cute pink flowering plant to me! I feel as if I have been commissioned by the plant community (as it were). You can see it to the left of Herbie in the plant “group shot” above…


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