A Night of Reckoning…

Last night, my roommate Anne and I headed out to Fountain to a BBQ. Our friend Julie was hosting it because she was house sitting out there. We arrived starving and ready to start our weekend off…

I discovered a few things about myself that I would like to share with you…

1. I hate mesquitos (sp?). ..but apparently they like ME. Also, citronella (sp?) candles are a joke. I saw a mesquito fly straight up next to it and he looked none the worse for wear. Also, while we are on the subject, I have to ask myself (along with Mr. Seinfeld), “What flavor is mesquite? Do they make it from mesquitos?”

2. I am remarkably good at badmitton. You would think from the name, that I wouldn’t have been good at all, but that’s where you would be wrong.

3. I love playing volleyball with a badmitton net that sags in the middle. It makes me an INCREDIBLE overhand server. 🙂

4. Burgers taste better on the grill than when you make them at home in the broiler.
5. I still have an active dislike for watermelon. Anne gasped when I admitted this and made me try another piece of it. I took the smallest bite in the world, which solidified my position. Sorry, melons aren’t my thing!

Anne and I left just in time to see an incredible sunset. We pulled of the side of the road to get the picture (see the antennae on the left?)…

Now, comes the reason for the title of this post. As we got on the I-25 to head back home, there was a truck in the lane to the left of us and just a little ahead of us. All of a sudden, I saw this thing hurtling toward us. At the time I thought it was a dirt bag or something flying out of the guys truck. Nope! Turns out it was a DEER! The truck hit it and the deer split in half, the head half flew through the air and into our lane but thankfully had enough velocity so that I didn’t hit it. Praise the Lord!

When that half of the deer zoomed through our lane, though it left a bloody and gutsy mess in it’s wake which splattered all over my windshield and the front of my car. Ew, ew and double ew! At this point, I was still unsure what had happened (how did a DIRT BAG get all over my windshield and why does it look like blood?) and I screeched to Anne in the passenger seat, “What do I DO??” At the time my visability was severely diminished (as you might imagine). Anne calmly told me to just wash it off with my windshield wipers. I’m glad she was there or I might have driven blind all the way back home!

Our first item of business when we got back to our town was no longer to get home and relax but to find the nearest carwash. Shell station to the rescue! If I had the presence of mind, I might have snapped a few before photos so you could experience the grossness with me, but alas! I didn’t. Maybe that was my subconscious again….:)

All in all, it was an experience that I will remember, but I’m thankful that we not only didn’t get hurt, but that my car reflexs are sharp as a cat! 🙂


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