The Last Breakfast (*sob!*)

To commemorate my last day in Washington, Sarah and I had a big breakfast send off at the “Log Cabin” restaurant. It was so great to catch up a little more, and eat the most important meal of the day with her…for the last time…for a loooong time…. waaaaahh!
In any case, we did have a few pictures of this event so here they are for you!
I’d tell you about the rest of the day but basically it was a lot of sitting on a plane, so not much news there.

Here sits Sarah Su with one of her two favorite beverages…hot chocolate (the second, in case you are dying to know, is chocolate milk)

Here’s my breakfast. It was very yummy and also huge…there was no way I could finish it all!

Goodbye, Sarah Su! It’s been great visiting with you…and it’s your turn next!!


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