Sunnnndayyyy, Sundaaaayyyy!

Sunday in Washington brought an earlier wake up time…and with the time difference of 1 hour, I got the short end of that stick. I joined Sarah and her family at her Dad’s church and was even able to meet her small group of girls that she meets with weekly for the high school ministry.

I was duly impressed with her capable questioning skills and even managed to answer a few of the questions myself. Hey, I know most of YOU question me every day! 🙂

The highlight of the day was going to CHINESE food! Most of my friends in Colorado do not enjoy this particular type of food, which makes me sad because I JUST discovered it when I was in college. So, when Sarah asked me what I wanted to do while I was out there, this was at the top of my list. Now, just as a disclaimer, I do not pretend to love authentic chinese chinese food. I’m more about the American chinese food…let’s be honest about it. Pick up Stix, Panda, Pei Wei, PF Chang’s…this is my comfort zone. 🙂

We went with Charissa and her friend Em – friends of Sarah and acquaintances of mine from Master’s.

I wasn’t in a picture snapping mood today (unfortunately). Although I’m sure it would have been delicately understated to run around church snapping candids and such, I was afraid that it would make me seem less spiritual. Therefore, you are having to pay…

Here is the lone obligatory pictures we took that day…for your viewing pleasure.


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