A Day of Memorial

I’m not quite sure how one goes about celebrating Memorial Day. To me, Memorial Day is like a prequel to the 4th of July. It seems to me that almost everything is the same, except the lack of fireworks on Memorial Day…and I’m quite sure that they DO have them at Disneyland. Am I right? There’s really no theme for this holiday except for the flag, and while I honor the brave men and women in uniform, I’m at a loss of how to properly go “all out” on this one. If Memorial Day was St. Patrick’s Day, though, they would REALLY know I support them. And that’s something, I suppose…
Sarah and I spent Memorial Day with her family at a picnic. It was a GORGEOUS day…and even better, I wasn’t at work. (That’s really the point, isn’t it?)
Sarah took a lot of pictures of which I was promised copies…they are yet to come, so you will have to make do with the scant number that I took. Which was…one.
After the festivities, we went back to the house and I FORCED her to watch West Wing, Season 1, episodes 1-2. The reason such “torture” had to take place is because she was continually saying that the show was boring. Anyone who has every watched it or been a part of the phenomena knows that it is anything but boring. Thus, the record had to be set straight 🙂

This is me learning/playing hand and foot. Don’t tell anyone what I have, k?


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