I Heart Seattle

After trying to recover from my 2:30 AM landing in Seattle, Sarah and I headed to downtown Seattle with what might be called a um…leisurely…pace. We got up, got ready, ate breakfast, Sarah cut my hair, we gabbed about whatever, and then stopped at Starbucks before heading downtown.

The plan was to have lunch on the water, walk around, take lots of pictures, hit Pikes Place and possibly do a tour of downtown Seattle on the “Duck” ride (it’s a vehicle that can traverse land AND sea).
Well, we were able to accomplish 3 of the 5…by the time we finished lunch, it was nigh unto 4:45 PM…and everything (unbeknownst to us) closed at 5 PM. Sure, it didn’t really meet ALL of our expectations, but we had fun living it up. I couldn’t imagine walking any longer anyway, since I was about to DIE of tiredness…so instead, we hit Pirates of the Carribean III on the way home. Now, to each his own, but it was SUPER long with things I have no hope of understanding. And I’M a COLLEGE graduate. 🙂

The public bathrooms on the street! Be careful….if you take too long, the doors will open on you.

Um, this means that I had the zoom on…but I thought this was a funny one 🙂

And….SCENE (on day one).

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