A Tale of Two Travels

Happy Memorial Weekend! I bet you are all excited to have Monday off of work and enjoy some much needed pre-summer vacation time. I myself decided to visit my bestest friend in the whole world, Sarah in Washington. This is the first time since I lived with my parents that I am actually traveling cross country to see people that I’m not related to. It’s kind of weird, but totally exciting too.

I have been traveling by flight since I can remember. I actually can’t remember the first time I was on a plane…it’s just a normal method of travel to me. I am in awe of those people (like my co-worker, Liana) that have never even stepped foot on a plane. How do you people get AROUND? Seriously. In my years of travel I have picked up a few tips which I am about to share with you (my adoring public) at no cost. And in this one-time limited offer, I will also throw in a set of steak knives* (who would want steak knives THROWN in? Sounds dangerous…)

1. Always travel with multiple entertainment options. Back in the day, I would take at least 3 books (which always made for nice LIGHT carry-ons), some sort of journal or cards or something and a portable CD player.

Nowadays, I am eternally thankful for my portable DVD player that was given to me as a Christmas gift. Now, if I am traveling during the Christmas season, I will also pack some nice yarn, and a crochet hook or two. I’m extremely lucky that I am still able to carry those items on. I’m just praying that the airlines don’t catch on. C’mon, crochet hooks? I could do some real damage and poke someone’s eyes out! It’s still amazing to me that my lip gloss is a questionable item and I can carry my crochet hook on board with ease. Go figure!

2. Always look innocent and nonchalant in line for security. Let’s face it, security has toughened up! I don’t know why I look like the terrorist type, but apparently I do because almost every time I travel I am pegged for the whole puff puff system. This is not a secret society, but a machine that you stand in. It is not a time machine like I originally thought. Instead, you stand in the middle of the little booth and then allow the device to pepper you with puffs of air. It never fails that I flinch my face off, but inevitably I am declared able to board my flight. I guess that’s the point…

3. Don’t waste your time worrying about who will be sitting next to you on the imminent flight. Some of the people in the “holding pen” are not even going to be on your flight. It’s just a waste of a lot of time and energy. Trust me on this one…

4. If you flight is delayed and you have to visit with the desk-ensconced airline agents, be pleasant. It’s not their fault that you want to shoot your brains out and devise a teleporting device to scale the distances in a single bound…it’s most likely the pilots. Feel free to clobber THEM, but plan on spending some time in jail.

5. Always drink plenty of water and take a water bottle and a snack with you on the plane. You never know if your flight will be the one sitting on the tarmac and making the nightly news with Tom Brokaw.

That’s all I have for now – but I reserve the right to update the list at any time!

So, my day began a bit rockily…I know you all are tracking my health since my earlier post. And really, who wouldn’t want to? I’m thrilling. Despite my use of Zicam, Airborne and lots of liquids, I woke up feeling worse than the last few days. You know what might help that out? Traveling across the states. Yes, I really think this is what will get me back on my feet. Okay, so if the Airborne bottle says to take one before going on planes when you are perfectly healthy, then I should take what? Two? Three? Ah, people and their germs. I am now the person that people are hoping will not be the person next to them on the plane. “Aw, folks! It’s just a little cold (sneeze)…I’m a fun person, really (cough)!”

Well, Seattle or bust. My flight was just delayed for the third time. No, the 7:40 PM departure was just a pipe dream. I’m lucky if I make the current 11:30 PM take off. I did confirm that I have a seat on the plane, though…so I guess that’s something. I’m rotating through my entertainment options and bringing you all a much-to-detailed post. You all probably didn’t even make it this far did you?

More blogging and pictures of the trip to come. I can see that you are all waiting with bated breath.

*I was just kidding about the steak knives. Money doesn’t grow on trees, now, does it?


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