Gilmore Girls and Various Sundry Items

It is the end of the Gilmore Girl era. I’ve laughed, cried and sat in astonishment with every bend and turn of these 7 seasons. And, while I think it is the time for this good thing to come to an end (it just isn’t the same without Amy Sherman-Palladino at the helm), it still is hard to think that Rory and Lorelai are out of my life forever. The series finale wasn’t all that I had hoped for (what’s with the Logan abruptness?), but it was still good to celebrate with the Star’s Hollow folk one last time. Luke and Lorelai are finally together (though without the pizazz I would have liked), Rory is off to pursue her dream sans Logan and Lane is in the dubious throes of Zack and motherhood (what happened to rock and roll?). Goodbye, friends!
Speaking of the screen…what is with the Shrek madness? I really don’t get it…someone clue me in. Other than the marketing strategy (The wait is “ogre”?? That’s AWESOME), I’m in the dark here.
In other breaking news, Herbie is growing fast. My sources tell me that sweet peas are a vine…hence the growing apparatus that you see here.

My roommate and I went to DSW last night (my favorite shoe store in the whole world) and I ended up with a brand new pair of tennis shoes! They were a great price, fit my feet like they were created to be there and THEY ARE PINK!

Have I ever mentioned to you that I love Real Simple magazine? Because, I do. I really do. Generally, my magazine reading method is much akin to my museum perusal method…see the picture/artifact and move on. Why stop to read every placard? I saw, I went, I moved on. Real Simple is the only magazine that I actually read cover to cover. It’s like a pretty version of consumer reports, cooking magazine and decorating/style/organizing magazine all in one! My friend Renae got me a subscription for my birthday, for which I am very thankful. Thanks, Renae! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls and Various Sundry Items

  1. Greg, Niki & Addie says:

    What’s with Rory’s shoes in the picture? They look bigger than her head!
    I am very proud of Herbie’s progress. Perhaps he needs a little trellis or something to grow on… those straws suck.
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  2. Todd and Noelle says:

    i somehow had enough self-control to not read the gilmore girls post! whoo! your plant looks like it is cared for by a true green thum – i am sufficiently impressed! and i am jealous of the PINK tennis shoes!

  3. mom says:

    Absolutely LOVE the pink tennis shoes!! Maybe your trellis could be made with popscicle sticks. Grandma Mabel lives on!!!!
    Love, mom

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