Sweet Pea Chronicles – Week 1

I have embarked on an incredible journey that I want to share with all of you. A little background, if you please…

I come from a family of black thumbs. This is not a racial comment…I’m just saying that my mom (self-admittedly) did not passed down the gene that would allow me to grow things with sucess. However, I’ve decided that with little education, some determination and some love and nurturing (to me, this means naming the plant and trying not to drown him with my zealous watering habits) I will try again and hopefully triumph over the plant world. To those of you that don’t know, the plant world is what got edited out of Lord of the Rings.

Here is Herbet (herbie, if you will) in the beginning stages. The seed packet says it’s going to take practically eons to grow into actual sweet pea flowers, but I WILL NOT BE DAUNTED! I WILL PRESS ON! (or something slightly less dramatic :))

Just in case you have also been afflicted by an “other-than-green” thumb disorder, here are some helpful tips that my roommate/friend Anne has shared with me. She’s my hero, because she’s actually grown things before. These are the tips that I’ve learned so far:

1. Stop watering once the water comes into the plate underneath the planter

2. Water when the soil 1″ down is no longer wet from the previous water

3. Follow the directions and actually give the plant the specified light that they need.

4. Talk to him every day and encourage him to come up faster than the packet claims (this one I added in, in case you hadn’t noticed)

The end of volume/week one of the sweet pea chronicles.

p.s. A big hoot and holla’ to my friend/roommate Anne who said one night (and I quote), “Hey, Amy…why don’t you put this on your blog?”


One thought on “Sweet Pea Chronicles – Week 1

  1. mom says:

    According to the family tree, the green thumb skipped a generation (me), your great-grandma Mabel and your grandma had amazing green thumbs (kind of reaked havoc with what they would wear 🙂 So, there is hope for you and I am proud of you for trying!!!!! Okay, so that was a total cliche ‘mom’ remark – I am the queen of them!!
    Love, mom

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