Unpredictable….that’s what you arrrreee…

I just have to say that I am getting inducted into the Colorado “unpredictable weather” club. On Tuesday, we got our second April blizzard. The effects weren’t so bad for me where I was, but it closed down our northern end office and power went out in several areas up north.

When I finally made it to work on Wednesday, there were piles of snow everywhere! I keep telling myself that eventually it will be summer, but I have to tell you folks. I’m losing a wee bit of hope. 🙂


One thought on “Unpredictable….that’s what you arrrreee…

  1. Todd and Noelle says:

    Growing up in Colorado, I know the “will it EVER be summer??” feeling! But take heart, it will! We may have snow on the 4th of July – I’ve been to snowy parades a couple of times – but summer it WILL be! I’m with you…I’m ready now!!

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