Cereal and Water

I love cereal. When we were young, my mom forbade only one cereal out of our house…Fruity Pebbles. She didn’t banish it because it was high in sugar content or because we wouldn’t eat it. Are you ready? She didn’t allow it because the “pebbles” (if you will…) got all over the floor and she didn’t like to clean them up!

We, of course, were scarred by this experience. NEVER MIND the fact that we had plenty of sugar packed varieties of cereal to spoon into our young mouths. It was THAT ONE that we yearned for…yea verily forsooth.

Soo, my mom (lovely woman that she is) would get it for us when we were at a much more responsible age…like, college age… I have fond memories of coming home from college on breaks. There in the pantry would be, not one, not two, but THREE boxes of Fruity Pebbles for our enjoyment. One for each Haddock girl. And if I remember correctly, our names were written on there so as not to confuse one box with another. Now THAT would be disastrous.

So even to this day, Fruity Pebbles is one of my comfort items. It’s what I get when I’m sick or t0o lazy to chew spoonfuls of bran or grape nuts. But I digress.

When I moved out to Colorado Springs, I was having some stomach pain and what not, so the doctor recommended a few things to help, one of which was cutting out all caffeine from my daily life. Whew. I’ve tried in the past, folks. I even bought those small (really cute…back me up here, Holly) half cans to “ween” myself off. I cut myself back to one Starbucks a week. These regimes had limited success. But the stomach pain prompted me to act drastically and actually LIKE not drinking it. I’ve consumed more water in these past few months than my whole life. Serious. Okay, maybe not my whole life…understand I am simply embellishing to make a point.



2 thoughts on “Cereal and Water

  1. Holmsey says:

    oh amy…i was just in colorado springs this past week visiting and doing some recruiting for the college. too bad we couldn’t touch base with each other…i was traveling with john spring.

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