Pre-Birthday Birthday Celebration

In my family, birthDAYS become birthWEEKS which have now morphed into birthMONTHS. I knew my sister would marry her new husband when March was referred to as Justin’s birthmonth instead of mine. MY birthday, she’s known all her life. HIS birthday, she’s know for 2-3 years…tops!

In any case, my parents came and spent the week following the wedding with me. We all flew from Houston to Colorado Springs. Oddly enough, I’ve traveled more alone than I have with others. I must say that it was rather nice to sit next to a person that didn’t crowd my elbow space on the armrest, lent me her magazine and held my bag while I rifled through it for the magical two pieces of Juicyfruit that would keep my ears from being plugged up forever.

They had to leave before my ACTUAL birthday, but we managed to live it up while they were here by celebrating my pre-birthday which really just is folded into the birthmonth. See?

Anyway, for my pre-birthday celebration I asked them to take me to a restaurant in Denver called Casa Bonita. I remember this place from my childhood. There were divers, a pirate called Black Bart and his spooky cave and puppet shows. It was still there and happening, but somehow a little smaller than when I was last there as a 10 year old and also a bit more cheesy…and I’m not talking about the nachos. 🙂

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t JUST like the place because it’s pink…

Me and Mom…she gave me birth, I figured the least I could do is a photo op.


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