I’m an Inlaw!

Sooo…I know you all have been DYING to know what I’ve been up to. I can tell. It’s one of my maaany gifts.
Last weekend my sister tied the knot thus relating me to a boy other than my Dad forever. It was a beauuutiful ceremony and fun to be a bridesmaid (an entirely new experience for me)
I know that you are saying “AMY! Your sister got married and you didn’t inVITE me??!” Stop being so dramatic. Here are some photos so that you can feel like you were there. If you’ve never met my sister Lindsay, she’s the beautiful one in the white dress. 🙂

The Bride-to-Be – Have Tide Stick, will travel

Want a good time? Try wrapping icicle lights around a column in a cohesive fashion and covering it with toile. I must warn you though…it’s a 3 person job.

The humidity and straightened hair doesn’t work too well, but Britt does her best to keep the bride cool, calm and collected.


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