The Calm Voice of Reason

It’s snowing outside again. Unlike my earlier ecstatic posts regarding the dear sweet snow, I am quietly resigned to this one. Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s beautiful. But driving on the roads and scraping my windshield are not my favorite activties. Ah, to be a child again and drink of the sweet nectar that is snow fun…

So, I’m sure you are wondering about how the Daughtry concert went. Well…….there is a story about that (hence the blogging :))

I asked my friend Tracy to go with me to this concert. Not being familiar with the C-Springs area, I didn’t realize a few things:

First, the venue of the “concert” was at The Black Sheep. This turned out to be a small building with no windows, no chairs, a small stage and a jam packed bar area.

Second, The Black Sheep was located on Platte Road aka ‘Ghetto Road’. This was an area of town that I was altogether unfamiliar with…I personally don’t think that it was anything compared to the LA ghetto but then again, I didn’t hang out there a lot either. Ahem…or at al really.

Soooo…Tracy and I grabbed some dinner and then headed over to stand in line with all of the people in the general public to gain entry to said establishment. It was cold but clear and we were almost at the end of the line. By the time we actually got in it was past the time they were supposed to start.

Now, I realize for you concert-savvy people that you all know that there are opening bands. I think that this shouldn’t be because THEIR name isn’t on the TICKET. Needless to say there were some really hardcore bands there blowing our eardrums out despite that fact that we firmly planted ourselves at the BACK of what can only generously be called a “concert hall”.

All of this might have been okay had we not noticed that there were FOUR police officers and numerous bouncers present. At one point they all rushed out of the door (weapons drawn) to deal with some disturbance.

I was ready to solider on, though, in the hopes of hearing Chris Daughtry. Good thing I brought a friend who is not only fun to hang out with but ALSO a calm voice of reason. After some conversation bellowed into each other’s ears we ended up leaving after the first band.

I won’t lie to you, I was really looking forward to the concert. After all, not only had I invested time into the whole interview fiasco, but I also was excited to be at a concert that I didn’t have to pay for and see a person that I really enjoyed his music. ALSO, I did my hair AND makeup which is a real rarity for me these days. It was all for naught.

But…in the eternal perspective, this will be merely a blip. blip. blip. blip.



2 thoughts on “The Calm Voice of Reason

  1. christi says:

    so after ALL that…you didn’t get to hear him live huh? oh well, maybe he’s better on the radio. and maybe if you had actually heard his band. you would have remembered the process of it all rather than the actual concert.

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