The Conclusion of the Matter

Well, I know you are all anxiously awaiting the conclusion of the “famous person” search. First, I must give MAJOR thanks and props to those that helped me in my search for my famous interview-ee…Thanks to Sarah Su/Susie, Uncle Neal, Andrew Shearer and Mike Davis! You guys are the bestest.

But here’s the deal…turns out it’s a little difficult to coordinate schedules in such a tight timeframe. Soooo…sadly, the conclusion of the matter is that I have explained to my 99.9 that I cannot find a famous person to interview thus taking me out of the running as their correspondant.

Ah, well. I really am quite relieved because although I was imagining my greatness and what thought provoking questions I would ask Chris Daughtry, I know I would have been a nervous wreck through the concert. This way, I get to enjoy it AND my friend Tracy all at the same time! Plus, let’s face it…I’m not really a “claim the spotlight” type person. At least not in this context…

I have to tell you that as I blog, my roommate is watching a science video (of her own accord) that was made by Moody circa 1970’s. Let me tell you, we should get soundtrack. It’s incredible. And by incredible, I mean…um…dated.

Tonight at Bible study my fellow study goers were debating the pros and cons of a woman president. One thought was that the Lord didn’t want women in charge of the family or the church so why would he want one in charge of a nation? What say you all?


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